220 swift

  1. C

    220 Swift Ammo - Hornady 55 gr V-max and Norma 50 gr

    ALL SOLD OR SPOKEN FOR. For sale is the following 220 Swift ammo leftovers from an estate sale: 9 boxes of Hornady 55 gr V-Max ammo - $30/box (Midway @ $41/box, out of stock) 4 boxes of Norma 50 gr SP $35/box (Midway discontinued) Prices do not include shipping, so please factor that in...
  2. P

    Ruger M77v 220 swift Bicentennial

    Selling ( due to health ) my Red pad Bicentennial m77v 220 Swift w/ 26" barrel, has aprox 300 through it. Bipod not included..Has some small safe dings on stock but is in great condition. I tried to get all good pics for you to see.. Blueing in excellent condition, new brass and once fired brass...
  3. 2Five7

    Ruger No. 1V in .220 Swift

    **Immaculate condition Ruger No. 1V in .220 Swift (no box or papers) $650 shipped CONUS from FFL. Sorry, no sales to CA. **I am listing these for a friend. Please contact Brock at 870-830-1824 for more information, pictures, etc. Thanks!
  4. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 220 swift dies

    Have some foster micro seater, Redding s type bushing and hornady custom dies and lee dies... text 423-923-3663 for prices and details
  5. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 220 swift+ Nightforce

    I have Remington 700 220 swift need to sell to fund custom build. Stainless fluted barrel. Is set up for single shot right now and was when I bought. Don't know round count. Shoots great under 3/4 at 100yrds trigger is adjustable. Stock is hs precision. $950 shipped+insurance text...