1. BigBuck74

    Remington 20ga. Accutip sabot slugs

    I am selling 9 boxes of Remington 20ga. Accutip sabot slugs. These are the slugs shooting out 200yds. They are hard to find these days. $300.00 shipped to your door 208-985-4049
  2. SofaKing

    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage 220 camouflage bolt action 20ga

    I’m looking to sell a gently used Savage 220 bolt action 20ga rifled slug gun. It has a camouflage stock, EGW picatinny scope mount, warne rings, Cabelas slugger scope, detachable box magazine, & accutrigger. I bought this to use on hunts to shotgun only states. But I never went. Looking to get...