150 smk

  1. GrayCreed

    150 SMK in 6.5 CM 1/8 twist

    Yesterday I loaded up my first 20 of these 150g SMK for my 6.5CM. I know alot of people have had trouble getting 1/8 twist to stabilize these. The ogive is very long making the jump to the lands very long despite my seating them to 2.891". My rifle has proven to shoot most things very well...
  2. C

    500 ct. Sierra MatchKing 6.5mm 150 gr HPBT

    For sale is a 500 ct box of the Sierra MatchKing 6.5mm 150 gr HPBT bullets. New, and still in plastic. $180 shipped and I'll cover the insurance. *Also posted at AccurateShooter.com