ZEROlight - Illuminated Scope Level

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ZEROlight is a revolutionary anti cant device for precision long range shooting that incorporates an LED light to illuminate the rifle turret system and built in level. The patent pending ZEROlight provides the shooter the ability to make critical turret adjustments as well as horizontal axis corrections in low and zero light shooting and hunting conditions.

The product is made from aluminum and contoured with style and function in mind. The LED light is deflected through a series of baffles to illuminate the rifle scope turrets as well as through a main channel into the level housing to create the convenient glow. With a simple click, you can effectively use your high end long range rifle in low and no light situations.

Hunt in dark deer blinds? Enjoy spotlighting and sick of using your buddy's cell phone so you can adjust your turrets last second? Competitive night time long range shooter? Working security in a dark building and concerned you can't use all of your equipment if you actually needed it? The ZEROlight is your solution.

I've been asking for this for years! I've shared this idea with 3 other level Mfgs, No one wanted to play. This works like a champ, As the sun goes down and you are in a covered blind I can't tell you how many times I broke out my pen light to dial in my scope, even when there was plenty of shooting light. First class unit THANKS!
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