Vortex Flip Cap Optic Cover Size 7


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Flip Cap Optic Cover — Size 7

The hinged flip cap optic cover makes it a snap to keep fine optics protected and flips completely back so the cap lies flat. Simply slip the rubber cover over the objective or ocular end of your optic.

Size 7 fits over a variety of optics with these outside diameters (OD):

  • 55-61 mm
  • 2.2–2.4 inches

Vortex Limited Lifetime Warranty:
All limited lifetime warranted products will be repaired or replaced at no charge for any manufacturer defects.

I have this #7 on my Viper HS 6-24X50 and it fits the scope very tight but I find the flip up cover so tight that a lot of times it takes both hands to release it. I'd say these caps are tight enough to be waterproof but that might be overkill in this case.
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