Tripod Dual Mount

I've been looking for this item for personal use for years. Finally found it, can't wait to use it next year. Below is a picture of my own rangefinder and spotter. This enables you to get a good range and alternate with your spotter. In my case, I often do this while in my prone shooter position.  -- Len Backus, Publisher of Long Range Hunting

A great accessory for optics gear freaks to mount two optics to one range finder.

Works with or without quick release plates.

Solid aluminum bar, black anodized, 1/4 or 3/8 threads for standard tripods.

Knurled thumb screws with 1/4x20 threads, standard for cameras, bino attachments, weather stations, spotters and range finders.

Saves time, no need to switch from spotter to range finder, binos to camera, etc.

Does not include optional Leica rangefinder bracket/holder shown and sold elsewhere in our store.

In 2009 I shot 2 antelope, 450 and 625 yards, from the prone position in the following picture. It shows my tripod setup before I had this new bracket. Now I'll have the rangefinder on the right and the spotter or 15x56 Vortex Kaibab binos on the left.



We needed to mount a camera and a light on a tripod - this dual mount worked perfectly!
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