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I have used this muzzle brake on my big game rifle. The YouTube video demonstration below is done by the inventor shooting my rifle. - Len

The Muscle Brake was designed to be extremely shooter friendly. With the first port being 90 degrees it shears the back blast off from the angled ports, to prevent the "blast/concussion" effect from distracting the shooter. These brake are made of 416SS, and hardened to 30 Rockwell. Benefits to the Muscle brake are increased recoil reduction, no back blast to the shooter as compared to typical angle port and radial port brakes, and the brake to barrel joint can be tapered and blended for a seamless appearance.

Be sure and read all the positive reviews up above.


Mini Magnum Muscle Brake - slabbed - Now fit a Muscle brake to your factory magnum rifle. Designed to fit factory sporter weight barrel contours with muzzle dia. of .620" to .850". Designed to work with magnum cartridges, yet maintain a smaller profile. Perfect for sporter barrels in WSM and standard Magnum cartridges. It will also reduce the recoil on the Ultra Mags to an acceptable level. (9/16x24 TPI)

Original 3 Port Muscle Brake - slabbed - This brake works on anything from the 243 to the 338 Lapua. 45 to 95 gr of powder is covered pretty well by the one and only original 3 port muscle brake. Fits muzzle diameter of .685" - .990". (5/8x24 TPI)

These muzzle brakes should be installed by an experienced gunsmith.

These muzzle brakes need to be timed to the orientation of the rifle, the port openings should lay horizontally as the rifle is in the firing position. This allows the blast to be directed both right and left

The bullet passage hole must be opened up with a small boring bar to between .020" - .030" larger than bullet diameter. The installer must ensure that the projectile leaves the brake cleanly.


Installed the break on my Win.Mod 70 Extreme in 270 WSM and the smith did a great job. We have just re-sited the scope and will work on ammo favorites in the coming weeks.The recoil was like a 243 Win which I replaced with this 270WSM. The noise and blowback is at 90 degrees as promised. Recoil
is very manageable for this Senior.
I have been very impressed with muzzle brake. I had it installed on a Remington 700 with a magnum barrel contour. Looks great! My 7mm RUM is now a pleasure to shoot. The recoil feels like I'm shooting my 22-250. I really like the directional ports as well.
I can hunt with it without ear protection and leave with my ears not ringing. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++ break. I have mine on a 300 rum. makes recoil like a 243 sporter.
I just picked up my 7mm mag from having my smith install One. I'm shooting 180 jlk's at 3070. It's always shot around .5 moa with this load but beat the tar outa me. I always found myself strapping on a sissy pad. Well I hit the bench yesterday to test it out. I have always hated the brakes I have had before because of the concussion back at the shooter. They were just plain obnoxious. Not the Muscle Brake. To say i was impressed is an understatement. My 7 kicks like a 243 and absolutely no concussion to the shooter. Below is how it shot yesterday. Granted this was the best group I shot but i shot two more in the 3/8" range. Didn't get a chance to stretch her out as the range I was at was only 100 yards. I would not hesitate to purchase another. By far the finest brake I've ever been around.
I have one on my 300RUM shooting 230g bergers and you can shoot it all day long. I have shot 35 rounds in the prone position in a one day target session with no discomfort while shooting or after. They are great!
I just had one installed on a 7 SAUM and no blast on the shooter like some radial brakes and reduces the recoil to about a 223. I like it!!!!!
I have one on my 6.5 X 47. To say its nice to shoot is an understatement.
This is a great product it definitely reduces recoil as well as muzzle rise. The product is a bit heavy, but what do you expect out of a solid metal product.
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