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The illuminated Z6i 1.7-10x42 Scope is ideal for driven hunting and stalking. Its low design makes it the perfect fit for all-round weapons, as well as for light stalking or mountain rifles. The ballistic turret can be separately adjusted to your personal requirements, allowing you to stay on target at different distances.

The Swarovski Z6i 2nd Generation riflescope has set new standards for the rifle scope market.  The second generation has arrived.  New for the 2nd generation Z6i is a refined, streamlined design and several practical additions to functions.  The slimmer construction of the illumination unit means that it fits even better on a wide range of hunting firearms.

Concealed beneth the elegent exterior of the new Swarovski Z6i riflescope is state-of-the-art technology, which has revolutionized the practical benefits of the riflescope.  Its precision optics offer uncompromising optical clarity.  The larger zoom range and the larger eye relief ensure more flexibiility, higher precision and higher safety during the hunt.  Since its launch, more than 100,000 hunters worldwide rely on the Z6i - for any situation.


The Z6(i) 1.7-10x42 demonstrates its performance both on a still hunt and when hunting in a stand. This slim rifle scope overcomes any challenge on any terrain. This is because its immense field of view and 6x zoom support versatile use, which ranges, being totally suitable for hunting, from the forest, across fields, and into the mountains.

The universal hunter.

The Z6i 1.7-10x42 from Swarovski is a universal rifle scope; it's low magnification allows for use as a slim driven hunting sight, whereas it is certainly not out of place during still or mountainous hunting with up to 10x zoom. With Swarovski's legendary optical excellence, this slender lightweight telescopic sight is ideal for a range of game shooting.

What are the advantages of 6x Zoom?

Zoom describes the adjustable magnification range in optical instruments.  The greater the zoom factor, the greater this range.  The lowest magnification setting is characterized by a large field of view, while the highest magnification enables razorsharp target acquisition.  The a 6x zoom therefore you have the best of both worlds:  the largest possible field of view combined with the finest possible detail achievable with a zoom rifle scope.

6x Zoom 2nd Generation

Producing the best optics requires a high level of experience and technological expertise.  This means that technical developments such as extending the zooming range will not affect the core function or compromise the excellent optical quality of a rifle scope.

High definition - For Maximum contrast

Swarovski HD Optics are characterized by fluoride-containing lenses for lifelike color reproduction.  This enables maximum color fidelity and leads to a significant improvement in resolution and contrast.  The resultant image is more lifelike and high contrast.  This enables extremely accurate targest acquistion and impact particularly over long distances.  To see more clearly translates into more accurate hits.

Swarovski Custom BT Ballistic Turret option:

Order any Z6/Z6i, Z5 or Z3 Riflescope with a Ballistic Turret and you can upgrade to a Swarovski Custom BT for $99 + $10 Shipping.  With a Swarovski Custom BT you simply choose a zero distance, zero your rifle, and the turret will do the rest.  The Custom BT shows multiple range distances in 50 and 100 yard increments.  It can be customized for individual factory rifle cartridges or hand loads.  You will simply provide your information to Swarovski directly, and they will create a Custom BT for your specifications.  Download the order form below under "Documentation".

Product Highlights


  • New second generation Z6i
  • 30mm Tube
  • Slim, low illumination unit
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • 6x Zoom range
  • Fully waterproof and Fogproof


Don't see the Swarovski product you're looking for? We are happy to custom order any Swarovski product for you at no extra charge. CLICK HERE to email us the model you're looking for and we'll let you know the price and how long it will take.

Technical Data

Magnification 1.7-10x
Effective objective lens diameter (mm) 16.0-42
Exit pupil diameter (mm) 9.6-4.2
Exit pupil distance (mm) (Eye relief) 95
Field of view (ft/100 yds / m/100 m) 75.6-12.6 / 25.5-4.2
Field of view (degrees) 14.3-2.4
Field of view, apparent (degrees) 23.7
Dioptric compensation (dpt) -3 to +2
Light transmission (%) 90
Twilight factor acc. to ISO 14132-1 4.7-20.5
Impact point corr. per click (in/100 yds / mm/100 m) 0.36 / 10
Max. elevation / windage adjustment range (in/100 yds / m/100 m) 54 / 1.5
Objective filter thread M 44x0.75
Length (in / mm) 12.75 / 324
Weight (oz / g) 17.3 / 490
Central tube diameter (in / mm) 1.18 / 30
Functional temperature -4 °F to +131 °F (-20 °C / +55 °C)
Storage temperature -22 °F to +158 °F (-30 °C / +70 °C)
Submersion tightness 13 ft / 4 m water depth (inert gas filling)



Instruction Manual (Manuals_Z6.pdf, 16,543 Kb) [Download]

Technical Data (Technical_Z6.pdf, 1,145 Kb) [Download]

Warranty (Warranty_US.pdf, 19 Kb) [Download]

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