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SoundGear Electronic Hearing Protection met my own electronic hunting ear plugs needs so well that I became a SoundGear dealer.

The Industrial version has a little bit of amplification. The Hunting version has more. If you have any hearing loss, you may prefer the Hunting version. Otherwise we typically recommend the Industrial. That's what we use.

Read my own product review comments below the product description.

-Len Backus-

For a limited time - FREE carton of batteries ($39.99 value) with each set of SoundGear!

SoundGear is the smallest and lightest dynamic electronic hearing protection and enhancement product on the market. Ready to wear right out of the box, it rests discreetly inside your ear to reduce wind noise and digitally enhance environmental sounds like sticks breaking or wings beating while simultaneously protecting your hearing from the harmful noise of a gunshot.

  • Suppresses noise at 93dB
  • 25dB NRR
  • 15dB of Amplification
  • Uses: Hunting, Tactical Shooting, USPSA, 3-Gun, Sporting Clays, Trap and Skeet, Construction Work
  • Takes common, inexpensive hearing aid batteries sold at drug stores. 

Complete kit comes in a convenient carrying case and contains:

  • One (1) pair of SoundGear electronic hearing protection devices
  • Two (2) pairs of orange silicone sleeves - (1) small (1) large
  • Two (2) packs of batteries (Size 10)
  • One (1) cleaning brush
  • 1-year Worry-Free repair warranty
  • 30-day, risk-free trial*

Risk-free trial - Shop confidently

Try SoundGear risk free. SoundGear is so confident you will be delighted, they give you 30 days* to make sure it's right for you. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within the trial period and we will coordinate an immediate return to SoundGear for a full refund.

*30 day risk-free trial starts from receipt date.


Len's Testimonial:

I ordered a set of "SoundGear by La Pierre", made by Starkey Hearing Technology, a very established hearing aid company. This unit is very tiny, fits in the ear canal in the same way a good set of non-electronic plugs would fit. The sales guy at SoundGear suggested the "industrial" labeled version rather than the "hunting " labeled one. He subtly suggested that the amount of sound increase with the hunting version of the SoundGear product may not be what most of us would prefer (too loud). I never tried the "hunting" version but like this "industrial" sound value quite well.

Most often in recent years I wear non-electronic plugs when hunting but only at the critical moment. And if I'm hunting with a partner, the plugs reduce the ability to communicate.

I tried the SoundGear units for fit and comfort and was pleased. In fact I wore them for a couple hours and by that time had forgotten I had them on.

Then this morning I went out to my friend's place to try a shooting test with the SoundGear. He was quite interested since he had tried one of the type that consists of a tube that connects a plug to an electronics "module". The module mounts behind the ear, the tube holds the plug inside the ear canal. It wasn't the Walker's Game Ear version, it was Radians. He didn't like that style of unit since he couldn't keep it on in certain situations.

The example he gave was when lying down in one of those coffin style goose blinds. While waiting for birds, prone on his back, he needs to be able to hear very well. And he needs the unit to not fall out because the module was bumped loose.

I had tried the similar Walker's behind-the-ear version a few years ago and did not like it at all. It didn't cut off enough sound for one thing. In fact, seeing that there is a plastic tube connecting the electronics to the plug which goes into the ear I don't know how any of that style can keep sound from traveling along the tube into the ear canal. Anyway, we'd both be willing to sell those respective units for about $2 each if you're interested.

Too often "cheap" is not really a good value. Buying once and buying well is what I try to do though too many times I fail the first try.

Anyway, the SoundGear shooting test today was a big success and my quest has ended! I can't wait to hunt coyotes with them in a couple weeks. Imagine you park the truck at your first set of the day and get your rifle and other stuff ready. I insert my 2 SoundGear electronic units and off we go.

I can hear the sounds a little louder with these units. Enough louder to be helpful but not enough to be obnoxious.

So that set is over, you head back to the truck, put your stuff in the truck --- leave your "ears" in place and drive to the next set. Simple, comfortable, effective.

You could hunt coyotes all day without fussing over them. You can whisper to your hunt partner, you can hear the distant, faint high pitched coyote vocalizations. You can hear the swish of wings and the scratch of something walking in leaves. Batteries last a week and are very cheap.


I am driving back from 3 days of hunting coyotes, rocks and rock chucks in WY and MT. I fired about a dozen rounds with my unbraked 6.5-284. I hunted with partners so I needed the ability to communicate. We had wind sometimes up to 15 mph. I wore the SoundGear units each day for 4 or 5 hours at a time. Wow, am I happy with them. 

Plenty of protection, never heard wind whistle, never wanted to take them out for a break other than at lunch time. Communication was perfect. 



I've now used my SoundGear for several full hunting seasons and I am completely impressed with them. I use them on every single hunt I take because they simply work. 



Just an update. Got the SoundGear plugs a couple years ago. Just finished an elk hunt where I wore the plugs all day without any discomfort. They enabled me to hear bugles that I'm sure I would have not heard without them. Also worked well to diminish the noise of the .338 going off!
I purchased from you, last Autumn, two pair of SoundGear hearing protectors, which proved to be brilliant.

I have recently returned from a 20 day Safari in Africa, where I wore them from sun up to sunset and could not be more pleased.
Len, I forgot to tell you I had a wonderful experience with SoundGear. One unit acting up so I sent both in to be looked at...easily 6 months past warranty and they sent me a brand new pair.
The Sound Gear industrial version functions well at the range AND when shooting trap. Diminution of the firing noise is instantaneous (....much better than the similarly priced GhostStrykes that I had to return).
An on-off button would be welcome, however, as you must remove the batteries to turn off the unit. The earplug removal tab would be improved on the Sound Gear device if it were longer and stiffer, but overall the unit does the job well, and is comfortable.
Bought a set of these recently based on the good reviews. I went with the 'hunting' version and can say that for me, they are not too much on amplification. My left ear is really bad so they helped a lot with that. As others have mentioned, they are very comfortable and block the sound of most gunfire. When I shot my 460 S&W though, I still wore double protection, i.e. the plugs and muffs. They will be something I use regularly from this point on. Thank You LRH for the prompt shipping and assistance.
Works as advertised and easy to wear all day! I should have bought these earlier.
Judging from the favorable ratings my dissatisfaction most likely results from my hearing than the product. That said, I would just use my 50-cent EAR foam plugs and Peltor muffs at my range (open table, no roof) and foam plugs when hunting as I am usually alone.

Deer hunting in TN is a far cry from long range hunting elsewhere, and since these don't work alone for large calibre target shooting, they aren't much use to me. Others have had much better success in other applications so it could be a "particular purpose" problem as the lawyers like to say.

I have them so I'll use them but unless you use them for one or two shots in the open, or maybe varmit shooting, I wouldn't recommend them.

No complaints with service from LRH Store; good people and great hunting knowledge resource. Just the wrong product for me.

Frank, TN
Hey, Dan

This is Len Backus. I use the SG units when hunting with no "double protection". But at a range or in a non-hunting or practice session I always add muffs over the top. I used double protection before I started using SG and I still do. For me and my 7mm Dakota magnum cartridge with brake, while hunting with no double protection the SG does a great job for me.

Maybe the included two sizes of inserts just don't work for your ear canal size.
I bought the Sound Gear industrial version. I'm shoot a 300 wby magnum with a muzzle break. I am a right handed shooter and my left ear took the sound as if I had no protection whatsoever. I tried them in the field and at the range. The field test was unacceptable but the range was unbearable because of a roof that provided shade but trapped the sound. I switched units L&R ear with the same results. I went to extraordinary lengths to make sure the fit was proper. They fit good and amplified sound great though.

I have been using the industrial model for 4 months now and the only thing I can comment about is the silicon plugs and only the small ones fit me and they are wearing out ,tears in the silicon material. I will need to replace them before hunting season I sure hope I can order only the small plugs and not have to but a set of 3 to get what I need. other than the plugs wearing out these things work great.

Response from LRH - Jim - we will send you some free replacements.
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