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At the Long Range Hunting Store we specialize in Scorpyd crossbows because we believe they are the finest crossbows on the market today. We are experienced long range shooters who personally hunt with Scorpyd crossbows for Wisconsin deer and turkey as well as Wyoming elk. We thrive on maximizing the effective range of precision rifles and crossbows and we know Scorpyd crossbows inside and out!

We will personally tune and set up your Scorpyd crossbow including expertly mounting your scope and sighting it in at 20 yards to confirm that it is a tack driver before it ever leaves our store.

We have many years of experience selling and servicing precision crossbows that we ship all over the country. If you ever have any sort of issue with your crossbow we are just an email or a phone call away 7 days a week, and we take pride in excellent customer service before and after the sale. On the rare occasion that a Scorpyd crossbow needs to be shipped back to us for repairs, our turn-around time is typically a day or two. We know you need it back quickly.

Call us at (920) 376-2010 or CLICK HERE to send us an email.We're glad to chat about Scorpyd crossbows and to answer any and all questions.

PLACE YOUR ORDER ONLINE - Down Below on this page or call us at the number above to place your order by phone.

US SHIPPING ONLY- US export law does not allow us to ship any crossbow related products out of the country.

Why are Scorpyd crossbows the best?

Reverse Limb Technology

  • At first glance it looks a little strange. We are used to seeing the limbs way up front shaped more like a traditional vertical bow. Picture shouldering a rifle or shotgun and then hanging a gallon of milk off the very tip. That is what a traditional crossbow feels like. With Scorpyd's reverse limbs, the weight of the limb assembly is moved back to the center-of-gravity of the crossbow meaning it balances wonderfully and is extremely comfortable and accurate to shoot, even off-hand!


  • Reversing the limbs also produces a longer power stroke with a shorter and lighter bow. In order to achieve the phenomenal industry leading speeds (up to 450 fps) of a Scorpyd crossbow, a traditional limb bow would have to be longer, and therefore heavier overall and even more front-heavy. Scorpyd crossbows are quite compact and lightweight and easier to carry and to handle in a tree stand or ground blind than most any other crossbow.


  • Carrying a traditional limb crossbow in the cocked position is nerve-wracking because the string (loaded with all that potential energy) is exposed on the outside. It feels like you are at risk of getting a body part caught in it or snagging it on a branch. With Scorpyd's reverse limbs the string is inside of the limbs and quite narrow. There is no feeling of danger when carrying a cocked Scorpyd crossbow.


Just The Right Size And Weight

  • Just like with rifles, a lighter, smaller crossbow is nice to carry. And just like with rifles, a larger, heavier crossbow is more accurate. We feel Scorpyd crossbows are just the right size and weight for the widest range of hunting styles, and a good combination of easy-to-carry yet extremely accurate. The reversed limbs certainly make Scorpyd crossbows feel much lighter and easier to carry than traditional crossbows of the same size and weight, and none of them are as accurate.


Best Crossbow Trigger On The Market

  • As experienced long range rifle shooters we know that a crisp, light-pulling trigger with little to no creep is imperative for accurate shooting. Triggers in most crossbows are downright awful. We feel that Scorpyd's trigger is the best on the market. At just over 2 lbs of pull it is extremely crisp. Whether target shooting or hunting, you can definitely hold steady on a tiny aim-point while breaking this fine trigger.


Fastest Crossbow On The Market

  • Scorpyd crossbows are the fastest crossbows on the market with speeds of 450 fps with their 175 lb limbs. A faster arrow gets to the target faster for less chance of an animal "jumping the string". Less time in flight means less time for wind deflection. Less time in flight means less time for arrow drop, meaning the difference between the point of impact at, let's say 48 yards vs 52 yards, is less than with slower crossbows giving you more margin for error on slight ranging errors.


Tons Of Killing Power - Even At Long Range

  • Scorpyd crossbow arrows are relatively long and heavy. Even at 100 yards, we would expect your arrow to bury past its fletching in a typical archery target (non-crossbow target). At more typical distances the impact on a deer is unbelievable and regular archery targets don't stand a chance.


One Of The Quietest Crossbows On The Market

  • Especially considering how fast and powerful Scorpyd crossbows are, they are unusually quiet. Again, giving less chance of an animal "jumping the string".


The Very Best Crossbow Scopes On The Market

  • As a dealer, we can buy Scorpyd crossbows without having to buy them as a package including a cheap scope (like almost all other crossbows). We choose to sell our Scorpyd crossbow package with either the Hawke XB30 Pro 1-5x24 SR Crossbow Scope or the HHA Sports Crossbow Scope and HHA Speed Dial Optimizer. We feel these scopes have the optimal blend of quality and features for the all-around hunter as well as the long range hunter and target shooter. We can also get most other crossbow scopes if you prefer something else. Just let us know what you want. 


Most Accurate Arrows On The Market

  • Again, most of the time you are forced to buy the average bolts that come with your crossbow. We select the FireNock Aerobolt II Arrows for our Scorpyd packages because they are the most precise and accurate arrows made for the Scorpyd Crossbow. They are manufactured to much tighter tolerances than most arrows and come with the spine marked and with little or no weight variation between arrows. Scorpyd crossbows shoot tiny groups out to very long range even with average arrows and field points. Add broadheads to the mix (mechanical or fixed blade) and you will quickly learn that average arrows just aren't good enough for long range precision.


Optional AccuDraw Crank Cocking Device

  • Scorpyd Crossbows are available with or without the AccuDraw crank cocking device. If you have a strong reason to keep your bow as light as possible you may want to go without it to save the 13oz. . For example, we set up a bow for Len's Wyoming archery elk hunt in some seriously challenging mountain terrain and he kept the weight down by skipping the AccuDraw.

    With that said, if you don't have a strong reason to keep your crossbow extra light, I highly recommend the AccuDraw. Obviously if you have a physical limitation that makes pulling a typical rope cocker difficult, then the AccuDraw is a must. It allows you to silently cock your crossbow with virtually no effort. Even if you don't have a physical limitation, practice sessions and sight-ins are when you will really appreciate the AccuDraw. The rope cockers start to get pretty tiring after a dozen shots or so.


By The Way

  • Scopryd crossbow strings have very little downward pressure against the rail so there is very little wear on the string compared to many other crossbows. In fact, you do not need to lubricate or wax the rail at all.

  • Scorpyd is the original inventor of reverse limb crossbows. They are a small Iowa company who take great pride in building what many feel is the best crossbow on the market today. Warranty issues are few and far between, and are handled very well when needed.

  • Beginning in 2017 the AccuDraw crank cocking device is now available on the 175# draw weight bows (up until then it was not).  

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