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This product will be quite a breakthrough for a lot of us long range hunters. A version has been in use in Europe and Africa for some time. But this version is better in a number of ways. This one is made by Rudolph Optics.

It provides an amazing sense of solidness, if that's a word. There is zero left to right wiggle. And you only have to control vertical.

A downhill lie works best...with your feet below your butt. Among other advantages, that allows you to rest your shooting arm elbow on a knee. The rifle is supported from both front and rear.

With more practice from a good ground setup I expect to routinely be able to place shots into 3/4 moa out to 700 yards in no-wind conditions.

Here is a picture of a 3/4 MOA 3 shot group at 455 yards from a sitting position.

And in the 2 last target pictures, the 6 total shots from the 2 separate groups would superimpose with a 1/3 moa vertical spread. I used a tripod jammed under my shooting arm's armpit to stabilize the vertical, the Quad Sticks alone handle the horizontal with zero jiggle. When I am setup this way, I can hold my crosshairs within a 2 inch bullseye at 916 yards.

-- Len Backus --

Weight - 2 lb 2 oz, length - 38 inches

quad sticks quad sticks quad sticks quad sticks
I wrote a review about having to replace a rivet. After using sticks the other rivet has held up, maybe just got a bad rivet. I have been able to shoot 3 inch groups at 600 yds without any rear support, There is virtually no side to side movement with these sticks, but some rear support does help a lot. Much better than my Caldwell Dead Shot.
Great high quality product they perform as advertised. Just have to practice a little & they are a handy item to have when long shots are necessary.
I've tried many different shooting sticks over the years and was a little skeptical of these. Like all the other items I've bought from Len these are a great quality product. Very solid and as some have said a little stiff to get used to. I like the way they grip the rifle and are so easy to adjust once set into position. Shot a 10" gong @ 400 yards with great ease and cycled the bolt for several shots. I would definitely recommend these for over all the sticks I've tried in the past.
They work well but the first time I used them the rivet broke on the bottom of one of the sticks. I replaced with sheet metal screw and seems to be fine for now. There is a lot of pressure on these points, so not sure this will not need replaced again.
Len, I bought Quad Sticks from you 60 days ago. Took them to Colorado for rifle elk in unit 10. I’m 65 years old, late first evening found a bunch of elk high above us with multiple mature bulls. After hour and half climb thru sagebrush,we closed the distance to 365 yds. I sat down against bush ,rock solid rest with Quad Sticks, one shot and “ down goes Frazier”. Bull scored 330”
If you have ever been on a hunt in the mountains and have to take a long range shot... you can not beat these sticks. It impossible to guarantee you will have a prone shot, so these are the best on the steep inclines of a mountain
Generally well made, but I did have to cover two screwheads so they did not scratch my stock. They work pretty much as good as Len says. They do however take some practice to use well. Only change I would suggest is to use the next size smaller bungee. The cords are a little too stiff. You pretty much have to use the sling swivel studs to keep the sections apart due to the strong spring action.
Well made and innovative product. Due to our weather I have not made it to the range or deer lease to try it out.Our deer season lasts until end of Feb. so will write a new review after using it.
Heavier and longer than I expected. But rock solid. I needed to anchor one side with my leg because the gun weight forced the legs apart. Overall very helpful
They almost look like the real thing, that Mike Luckett at Coyote Precision Rifles has made for years.

From Len: Yes, as I have said they were popular in Europe and S. Africa also. Glad they have found their way to us thanks to their S. African manufacturer. I own a pair of the CPR version. Very nice but these are made for serious long range shooting. The others would be great for short quick shots but not precision shots.
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