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The  PSE TAC Ordnance crossbow is the improved version of the TAC 15 model which has been discontinued. The TAC Ordnance is designed to attach in 10 seconds to your AR15 lower. It features the same blazing performance as the TAC Elite, the integrated version which has its own trigger and stock.

We want you to thoroughly enjoy every aspect of shooting and hunting with your new TAC Ordnance crossbow. We will personally paper tune your TAC Ordnance crossbow before it leaves our store to ensure that you are able to shoot tiny groups right out of the box. We'll even send you the paper with perfect bullet holes to prove it!

The TAC Ordnance was improved in several areas that improve durability. We published a review on LRH which discusses the improvements in detail HERE.

It is packaged with 3 arrows, a bipod, a very nice carry case and a 3-9 power scope with 5 yardage holdovers on the reticle

We have sold and serviced more PSE TAC crossbows than any other dealer. We know them inside and out. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. If you ever have a problem with your crossbow call us immediately. We stock any and all parts that could ever be needed to get your crossbow back up and running and back in your hands quickly. We're hunters too so we understand the urgency!.

Read Andy's detailed review at Copy/paste url into your browser.
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