Mini Lightning Strike Fire Starter

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The Mini Lightning Strike Fire Starter is 2" shorter and 1.2 oz lighter than the original. It still holds 10 tinder pucks and still produces a seriously hot spark ball that you can count on when the chips are down. Because it is shorter, the spark is slightly less powerful than the original model, but still extremely effective.

Length - 5.5"
Diameter - 1"
Weight - 3.1 oz (including tinder)

Awesome gadget! Works exactly as described. My Boy Scout loves it!
I have to agree that carrying a tool such as this just makes excellent sense.As retired soldier and seasoned hunter /camper, I recently revisited the old twirl a stick to make was an enormous task .I truly believe that in a survival situation you might not get all the ingredients needed together.Far better to carry something like this with.
the lightning strike fire starter is easy to use and it has good hot sparks .the only con is that it is not very small or compact.
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