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Strap. Connect. Shoot. The MagnetoSpeed Ballistic Chronograph is extremely simple to use and is not affected by light related problems so common with traditional chronographs (low sun, bright sun, etc.). The MagnetoSpeed Chronograph attaches to the barrel of your gun eliminating the tripod, long wires and large readout boxes of traditional chronographs. It also means there is no need to go down range for any reason. 

When we began selling MagnetoSpeed's V1 and V2 models in 2013 we knew they would be extremely popular, but we were consistently surprised to find that each time we placed an order for new inventory we wished we had ordered twice as much. We simply could not keep them in stock. That is because the MagnetoSpeed Chronograph really is the "better moustrap". Take some time to read all the positive reviews of the V1 and V2 models on their respective pages to understand why guys like them so much. 

The V3 is the new and improved version of the popular V2. The V1 and V2 are no longer being manufactured. The V3 has all the capabilities of the original V2 model, plus a few new ones. V3 fits barrels from ½" up to 2" O.D. to accommodate extra-large bull barrels, with clearance for a muzzle brake up to 3" O.D. Shot information displayed includes minimum and maximum velocity, average velocity, standard deviation, extreme spread, shot number, and string number. Data is stored on an included SD card making it extremely easy to download to your computer. 

The V3 MagnetoSpeed now has: 

● Improved Display 

○ A three-button menu system (replaces old toggle switch) 

○ Battery options are; (1) 9-Volt or (2) CR123s (replaces 4 AAA batteries) 

○ Easy access battery compartment, no need for screwdriver to swap batteries 

○ Improved shooting modes, with the ability to now operate with air guns 

○ Downloadable firmware updates 

○ Advanced data logging and troubleshooting capabilities 

○ More compact and rugged display housing 

○ Rapid-fire mode with rate-of-fire 


● Re-designed Bayonet 

○ Ruggedized strapping system; with metal buckle and triad thumb nut 

○ Same proven MagnetoSpeed technology, but with updated sensor design 

○ Sleek new profile and color scheme 

○ New strap bracket to allow for future alternative attachment options 

○ Added dual/redundant data connection points 


The pros are well documented, and it is, indeed, a vast improvement over the old screen chronos. The main disadvantage is having to figure out the correct combination of hard plastic spacers and rubber pads for each rifle, and then remember it at the next shooting session with that rifle. I solved this by using a silver paint pen to number each component, and recording the combination used for each rifle. This feature needs to be rethought by the engineers in Austin. Surely they are smart enough!!
Excellent seems to be very accurate . My last chronograph ,from a different maker was all over the place. Great product.
Took my Magnetospeed out to the range for the first time today. Hits - works well for its intended purpose. Misses - Cheaply constructed. For the money, this does not feel like a quality piece of gear and I have concerns about how long it will last. The strap mechanism is pretty poorly made and the paint is already coming off the clamp. Also, there was nothing about a tapered barrel and the use of special adapters for this in their manual. Both of my rifles have tapered barrels. Why are the adapters NOT included with the item so you don't have to order them separately. Also, long screws are not included with the unit. When I called Magnetospeed they said they weren't needed. So why do they bother to include shorter screws. If I had to do it over again, I would probably buy the Lab Radar unit.
A must have, reliable and consistent, for doing any type of ballistics.
I bought this after getting tired of the weather dictating when and where I could chronograph my loads. It seems that the only time I have to shoot is when it's raining or the lighting conditions aren't right for running an optical chronograph. I tested the Magneto Speed on 5 different guns to see what the impact would be on group size and POI. Groups were unaffected on any of the guns and POI shift was less than 1" on all 5. Barrels were all varmint contour or larger. I wouldn't hesitate to run the chronograph while doing load development.
Excellent product, puts the old shooting chrony to shame & more importantly, it's accurate, which saves me having to reverse engineer my ballistics data to get the true velocity.Great how the Magneto speed gives SD updated constantly. Well done Len another excellent product in your product lineup..
Fast, everything as advertised, very happy.
Great site awesome delivery time top prices highly recomended
This is a great tool. I can time loads at my local range and don't have to wait for a ceasefire to go down range to collect the data. I simply do it all at the bench. The only issue so far was a faulty wand, but Ivan at Magnetospeed took care of me right away. Beware that it may change your point of impact on longer barrels. I don't use it for load development just for timing the best candidate. A must have for Long Range Shooting.
Awesome device. Easy to use. I was able to get readings without having to go down range. I used an RCBS crono before and was always fiddling with the sun shades and the user interface was not very good. That is not the case with this device. The interface is great and it even comes with a memory card and battery so it's ready to use when you get it. Well worth the money for all the hand loaders here.....
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