LRH Rear Shooting Bag


I had been searching for the perfect shooting bag for rear support in the field and I have found it! This is a great rear bag for the long range shooter. I have used the LRH rear shooting bag for years now and I love it! This is the bag I choose for use in the field 90% of the time .

It will lay on its side for a 2" lift, on edge for a 3.75" lift or on end for a 4.75" lift. The bag attaches to your belt or fits in your coat pocket which is a huge advantage, comes filled with polypropylene, and weighs only 12 ounces (avg). The fill packing has just the right degree of firmness, enabling me to squeeze for slight height adjustments..

-- Len Backus --

rear shooting bag

rear shooting bag

I carry Two of these bags on every hunt. I am able to use them in combination or alone to satisfy any of my prone applications and they have been helpful in other positions as well. Very well made!
Just might be my new favorite shooting tool period.
I got 2, now I want one for every rifle I own.
Great bag. Several field or range uses. Very handy, light and well made. A must have for shooters
Great bag for the money. Everything Len and his son touches seem to work as predicted. A little stiff at first
Recently used this bag during the long range shooting school sponsored by Len and NTO.We were shooting field conditions at long range. This bag gives the support needed for the butt of the rifle.
Haven't had a chance to use it yet but it is perfect for my purposes. Small enough to add to any pack out but large enough for function. Can't wait to get out and use it.
Great lightweight bag, useful on mountain hunts where low weight and volume make the difference. It gives you solid rear rest with different shooting heights.
Had the opportunity to use it for the first time on a hunt last week and I was very impressed. It proved to be very handy on a number of shots from different angles, being light weight to carry and with it's 3 height shape make it great for different shooting angles.This will be with me on every hunt in the future.
Just returned from Africa and used it daily . Great on the range or in the field, easy carry . Excellent product...
Good things do come in small packages good price.
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