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The Lightning Strike Fire Starter was invented by Darrell Holland and I believe it to be the absolute best, most reliable emergency fire starting system I have ever tried. The design, materials and craftsmanship are outstanding.

The Lightning Strike Fire Starter is a completely self-contained system with a water-tight compartment that stores 10 extremely effective tinder pucks. Pull one of the pucks out, fluff it up, hold the bottom of the fire starter close to the tinder (you can even use the fire starter to hold the tinder in place in extremely windy conditions) and use the attached metal striker to strike down the flint rod. An incredibly hot (4-5000 degree) huge spark immediately causes the tinder to burst into flames. 

I used the Lightning Strike Fire Starter last year at 12,000 feet in the Colorado high-country. Because of the thin air, with every other fire starter and tinder that I tried I had to be super careful and patient to coax a small flame and baby a fire into life. On about the 3rd day I remembered that I had brought the new Lightning Strike. The first time I tried it my hunting partner and I were absolutely blown away at how much more effective it was. Right then and there I knew the Lightning Strike Fire Starter will always be my go-to emergency fire starter. It's also the funnest and easiest way I have found to get a camp fire going in a non-emergency.

When getting a fire going could mean the difference between life and death, I'm just not interested in settling for anything but the best. 

-Andy Backus-


Length - 7.5"

Diameter - 1"

Weight - 4.3 oz (including tinder)


This is brillant easy to use,very well made,everything you need to start a fire first time.
Awesome gadget! Works exactly as described. My Boy Scout loves it!
I have to agree that carrying a tool such as this just makes excellent sense.As retired soldier and seasoned hunter /camper, I recently revisited the old twirl a stick to make fire.it was an enormous task .I truly believe that in a survival situation you might not get all the ingredients needed together.Far better to carry something like this with.
the lightning strike fire starter is easy to use and it has good hot sparks .the only con is that it is not very small or compact.
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