Is service important to you? Weather you have a warranty problem or you just dropped it and it broke, having an exotic product like the PSE TAC 15 can spell disaster if you need it fixed fast. Well I found out just the opposite at the Long Range Hunting store.
On Sunday I had the set screw come lose on the cranking gear on my TAC 15 releasing the firing block into the stops completely destroying it, making the bow completely useless! Monday morning I called the guys at Long Range Hunting and I had my bow back in my hands working perfectly by 1:00 Wednesday. Now try that with just about any other product!
Not only do they have great products but great service, you can’t get that just anywhere. If you are thinking about a product they offer, just remember the service makes all the difference.
I had heard of Long Range Hunting from a relative in Col., but never dealt via internet. I will
tell you that it is refreshing to get clear responses and remedies, besides for quality and pricing. Thanks again
My Eberlestock LoDrag pack arrived exactly as advertised. Love it! The pack color and saddlebag color work perfectly together. Thank you for the great service!
Thanks, Len, for taking the time to chat with me from Afghanistan about which McMillan stock is right.

I wanted to send a big thank you to Andy for getting the order right on my Eberlestock just one pack. Plus he spent about 15 minutes on the phone with me helping me to select the right pack. I used my old G4 Operator on my back this weekend for my .338 LM and the Just one on my front for my new heavy barrel 556 and they worked great in combination. I was by myself but next time I will get a picture and send to you guys.
Your selection of products geared (no pun intended) to the long range crowd is great! I'll be back again.
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