Holland's Ultimate Data Card Software

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 Holland's Ultimate Data Card Software allows you to create a DATA CARD that provides the shooter with all the information necessary in the field. Target size for rangefinding in MILS or MOA, Drop in MOA or MILS, Drift in MOA or MILS, and ANY 4 angles auto-calculated based on time of flight and gravity of your specific cartridge in direct read and fire MILS or MOA correction. Finally!!! One CARD DOES IT ALL!!!!

   Holland's Ultimate Data Card Software allows the shooter to produce the most sophisticated data card for their rifle. No other software allows the shooter such versatility and format options. Choose from simple "Hunter Cards" to "Long Range Cards" for any environmental condition you are apt to hunt in. Those tough uphill/downhill shots are no longer a problem; they are calculated based on your exact trajectory curve in direct read and fire MIL or MOA correction! Plus you'll get 25 of Darrell's great video clips on hunting, shooting survival, gunsmithing tips and more. If you never use the software these valuable tips are well worth the price of admission.


this program is easy to use and is close to perfect at all ranges --also easy to use in the field
There are millions of folks out there selling merchandise and a widget from one is much like a widget from another but for a price variation perhaps. What sets a vendor apart from the crowd is customer service, and in this regard the Long Range Hunting Store comes out at the top...A+++.

In error, I double clicked on "buy" when I ordered the Holland Data Card Software . I was billed naturally enough, double. However, before I even noticed that, LRHS contacted me and asked if by chance I had made an error or if in fact I was only buying one software package. They could have stuck me for the double payment ....or at least given me a hard time over it. "All sales final" and that stuff. My VISA card was given the appropriate credit the same day.

When I received my software disc, I found that it had been inadvertently left blank. Stuff happens ...No data. I called LRHS and told them of the problem . Without any hesitation, question or grumbling and at their own cost they immediately sent me a new disc.

The product I purchased is just what the Doctor ordered; The people I purchased it from are first rate and a model; that a lot of other merchants should emulate.

Thanks guys!
The software is what I required and what I expected. Comes with instructional videos on various topics that were very helpful. I think this is a value for $35.00.
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