Holland Scope Levels

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Holland scope levels

These stylish scope ring mounted levels complement the shooter's rifle and provide added accuracy and consistency when shooting long range. The ambidextrous design and offset allows the shooter to see the bubble level above the parallax or windage knob.

Hard black anodized in a matte finish.

When level is mounted the set screws are on the bottom making it very difficult to insert the wrench and tighten while remaining level. Then to add insult to injury, there are two different size set screw heads. That would not be so bad, but they do not include the wrenches. Otherwise quality excellent. It is obvious that the manufacturer has never applied this it. Additionally there are no directions for application.
The Holland Scope level works very well, I have a few different brands and this one works the best. LRHS shipped it to me very quickly after I placed my order. I recommend it!
Great product, I use it for F-Class and it works really well. Light, easy install, looks well crafted.
Easy to install on left or right side. A bit touchy about alignment when tightening but aligns properly if you take your time....
great product easy to see and to install have bought 4 more since buying the first one. all my rifles will wear this level
A much better product than another known brand. Easy to install and easy to see.
Nice brighter green than others I own.
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