Holland Scope Levels for crossbow (U.S. Ship Only)

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Your shot can be wide by a foot at 100 yards if you cant your bow by 6 degrees from level. Just envision one minute on the face of a clock to realize how little cant that is.


Holland scope levels

These stylish scope ring mounted levels complement the shooter's rifle and provide added accuracy and consistency when shooting long range. The ambidextrous design and offset allows the shooter to see the bubble level above the parallax or windage knob. Either 30 mm, 34 mm or 1".

The Picatinny rail level pivots along the left side of the rifle action and can be deployed in a matter of seconds. (not suited to left hand shooters) Attaches to the rail with a 10-32 screw. You need to drill and tap your mount to accept this screw.

All scope levels will be hard black anodized in a matte finish.

Holland picatinny scope level

Works great and easy to install right on the scope.
it's very sensitive, which is important at long range.
Works for left or right hand shooter.
I can actually see mine with one eye while I'm looking through the scope with the other eye... that way I don't have to pull my head up to check level.
Bottom line..it went on easy..works great.
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