Firenock Lighted Nocks For TAC 15/15i or TAC Elite/Ordnance Arrows

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  • Super-bright red lighted nocks for Tac 15 arrows.
  • Solid light for first 6 seconds, then blink for up to 7-10 days.
  • We've chosen the best combination of Firenock components for Tac 15 arrows and put them together in one package.
  • Package contains: (3) Blinking Circuits, (3) Batteries, (3) Extreme Shock End Caps, (7) Red Nocks

You must remove the factory nocks from your TAC arrows to install the Firenocks. We have been finding that TAC arrows sold after August 2014 have more glue or stronger glue holding the nocks in the arrows so you may not be able to remove them without breaking them. You may want to try removing your nocks prior to ordering Firenocks.

Great product and great service.
I would have lost at least 3 arrows on my last 3 hunts had it not been for firenock. I shoot the tac 15i and the pass through shots in a wooded area with lots of brush. I wont hunt without them. On my last order one battery was bad but I think that was just a bad luck.
Works great easily installed with out any problems..
Superb service, I have a set of arrows with the these knock installed on them. I wanted the lighted nocks so I won’t lose my arrows when I hunt. Easy to install just follow the instructions or watch the video on YouTube.
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