Eberlestock Small Reversible Rain Cover

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Eberlestock's Reversible Rain Cover is made of heavier-duty polyurethane-coated nylon than the light-weight version and is reversible with Universal Digital on one side and Orange on the other. Weighing 9 oz., the Rain Cover is designed to cover the entire pack and a weapon in its scabbard or just the pack itself so you can pull your gun from the scabbard quickly. 

Eberlestock's Small Reversible Rain Cover is designed to fit the X1 Euro, Gunslinger II and LoDrag packs. 


Another great product from LRH and Eberlestock. As usual the quality is there. Its made to use. A nice addition to keep your pack nice and dry when the weather decides to rain, snow sleet or whatever. You got it covered. Thanks again to Andy and the crew at LRH.
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