Eberlestock Saddle Bag

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Use these Eberlestock saddle bags to add about 3 liters capacity to Eberlestock packs. Use them for additional gear storage, or when paired with a hydration bladders, they're a great way to externally mount hydration on a pack so that the bladder is easily accessible. The Saddle Bag is perfectly sized for the Eberlestock 3 Liter hydration unit.

There are two ways to attach the A3SB to a pack: they mount best on 6-row tall Padlock webbing panels using the Saddle Bag's integrated clip system, but can be mounted in a variety of other places using a tether attachment.

Saddle Bags are particularly recommended for G2 Gunslinger II and H2 Gunrunner packs, but will work with most others.

The Saddle Bag was an excellent addition to my small Day Pack. It fit easily on the side and the added carrying capacity was most useful. I was able to put either a down pullover or leather mitten shells and a hat for quick assess. Highly recommended if additional space is needed.
When I first got these with my Gunrunner pack, they did not seem to want to stay attached very well. Looking closer tonight the compression/closure strap was easily routed through the webbing on the pack locking it all together.
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