Atlas Bipod BT34 2.05" rail


This is the Atlas Bipod rail that you may want to use for a new installation if your front sling attachment consists of a flush cup on the side of the stock as is mine. - Len Backus -

The BT34 – 2.05" 1913 Rail has a center to center spacing of 1.6". Two Button head machine screws can be used (not included, see BT1517) to attach this rail to the forearm of standard rifle stocks. This rail is not meant to be used with an existing sling stud because the stud will screw down too low inside the rail and not allow you to attach your sling.

The Bipod rail is a great addition to your rifle if you want the stability of a good connection and the ease of quick removal of the bi pod. I explored having a smith adding the rail to my rifles and found this product and did it myself on several rifles.
Good decision! Well made good product.
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