Atlas Bipod BT1517 – Rail Mounting Fastener Set

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Used for mounting 1913 rails (our part numbers BT15 and BT17) consists of two (2) 10-32 T-Nuts and two (2) 10-32 x ¾" Button Head Cap Screws.

These T-nuts are commonly used by stock builders to accommodate the installation of sling studs and rails. These are typically bedded into the stock from the barrel channel side in the following manner (see illustration).

B&T Industries L.L.C. does not make any recommendations or suggestions regarding stock alterations, ALL such modifications should be done by a competent gunsmith, purchase of these parts will be considered an acknowledgment of this.

Cost is $5.00 for set of two (2).

after purchasing a Atlas bipod with free rail for attachment, I was disappointed when I could not attach the rail to my Rem mod 70 338 lapua. this model comes with 2 swivels already installed and I could not mount the rail because the sling swivels in one location would not reach the pre installed swivel screw and the other interferes with attaching the bipod. I am currently searching for the proper screws to mount the rail unimpeded..............

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