Custom Match Grade Ammo

If you don't reload your own ammo, Josh at Copper Creek Cartridge Company can help you out with your needs.

So if you are not a reloader you'll find it convenient to obtain very accurate ammo that shoots "lights out" in the rifle that I build for you.

"1,000 Yards Ready-To-Shoot" Option

And if your scope has a custom yardage turret on it, C.C.C. can also shoot your rifle at various distances out to 1,000 yards while collecting the drop data you need to use in ordering your custom yardage turret. If you prefer to "click" MOA adjustments, they will will provide you with a custom drop chart.

In either case, you'll get velocity, accurate bullet ballistic coefficient, etc. that you can use in your own ballistic program to create drop charts optimized for the conditions where you will be shooting.

This shooting service includes firing enough rounds to break in the barrel to the point where velocity is stabilized. When shooting a new barrel velocity increases until your round count reaches 50 to 100 rounds. Stable velocity is important to the accuracy of your custom yardage turret or drop table chart.

How Well Can It Work?

As an example this summer we provided these services to a busy executive who was not going to have much time before his upcoming Stone Sheep hunt.

7mm LRM
Jayson A.


Here is a stone sheep I just took in British Columbia with my new 7mm LRM rifle you built. It was shot at 687 yards in the first week I have ever shot long range.


(Jason utilized "1,000 Yards Ready Service" available at CCC plus their custom ammo.)

Practice And Preparation

You still need to prepare for your hunting season by shooting many rounds in practice and checking your drop data or custom turret for accuracy. And I rarely travel west on a hunting trip without checking my zero (if possible at a longer distance such as 500 yards) when I arrive in or near camp. But this shooting service makes YOUR time spent much more efficient and productive.