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    Hello from central Wisconsin!

    Welcome, where about in Wisconsin?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED savage 7wsm handgun

    Not much I weight savings. I think it was around 8-9 lbs. I was mainly using a 168smk at a little over 2800fps
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    SOLD/EXPIRED savage 7wsm handgun

    I decided to thin the heard a little bit. I don't get the opportunity to use this as much as I used to and figure someone else would probably appreciate it more. I built this back in '08-09 and probably haven't shot it in 2 years. I started with a savage undesignated action and added a...
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    338 vs 325

    My dad had a 338wsm pistol built on a savage action, 17" ish barrel. I know it's been a while since he shot it but I could probably get some numbers for the 200 accubond and 250ab. Where about in MN are you?
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    easy to draw/otc mule deer

    Are there any areas that I should look into? I am hoping to make it out west next fall(2015), maybe 2 or 3 of us total. Is there a state or unit anybody can recommend? Not expecting any monsters but a chance at decent bucks would be awesome..
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    Help please. Identify Savage action

    Could it be a striker action? What side is the bolt and port on?
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    Couple Long Range Mulies

    Awesome deer!
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    Who is from Wisconsin!

    I'm planning a trip back to WY too. It's sure addictive
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    Len and Andy will be gone for a week or so.

    Good luck Len. I was hoping to make it up to the store before it closed today, but it looks like I will be passing by around 6.. One of these days.
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    DIY Archery Elk Hunt

    Very cool! I remember reading the scouting trip report and just came on to see if I could find it. I'm hoping to do a similar trip next year if I can talk a buddy into it. I might have to stop in the store one of these days and see what I can pick your brains about..
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    Hard Work Payed Off

    Nice antelope! We still have 3 weeks to wait to do any bow hunting here.
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    My First Long Range Shot- Ever!

    Awesome! I remember the first time I stretched out a specialty pistol, I need to do it again soon!
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    Bobcat hunting

    I am thinking something out of Wisconsin. I will have to look into that. I think Kansas and that area is supposed to have a few. And Texas popped up when I was looking. Guess I have some homework to do..
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    Bobcat hunting

    It takes years to draw a tag here in WI and odds are low without running dogs, I'd rather use calls. Where in the country are the good areas for a non-resident to get an opportunity for one? Has anyone gone on a guided hunt for them or them and coyotes?
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    My Shooting year in 2013 PRS.

    Good shooting Jim!

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