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    7mm-300 wby brass question

    I have a 7/300wby and I just resize the 300wby brass. I'm using nosler brass over the factory brass. You can dies from RCBS and Redding or you can have LEE custom make you dies as well.
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    Which 257 Weatherby?

    I'd go with the Remington CDL over the vanguard. You can do so much more with the Remington. If by chance you ever wanted to rebarrel it the vanguard has metric treads and the CDL has american treads. Remington is just a all around better rifle.
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    Anyone own a 7mm 300 Win Mag?

    I have a 7/300wby and it shoots like a dream. Waiting on my new scope so I can let it stretch its legs out with Barnes 168gr lrx's and Berger 180gr VLD hunting bullet. I'm loading with new Nosler brass and.have a couple loads ready to test. So I'll post up the results when I get a chance.
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    Anyone own a 7mm 300 Win Mag?

    .muzzle brakes are loud anyways.