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    Let see those deer rifles

    New to me! Model 7 XCR with Swarovski Z6I 7mm-08 Hornaday 139 SST Love this Rifle!
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    Remington 700 308 custom

    Whats the weight? Beautiful 😍
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    Repeat of this Intro

    Heck yea! My last 2 were Australian Sheppard/blue heeler mixes!
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    Repeat of this Intro

    Yes yappy dogs are not my favorite in the least. These 2 are fearless nala an hank both dropped a German Sheppard who got too close to me an crystal one day on afternoon walk!
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    Repeat of this Intro

    Them two look like a handful 😁
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    Repeat of this Intro

    Not every one. An thats okay as long as you don't abuse or hurt them.
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    Repeat of this Intro

    Alright Gentlemen here we go, Got spammed so here it is again. Zachary is my name I'm in the Dallas area Power plant control room operator/ electrician. 7mm-08 is the new boom stick. .308 has been my go to. Starting to branch out. Got 2 dogs - Nala 11 yrs(border collie) Hank 6yrs (Blue heeler)...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Hunting Clothing clean out

    Interested in the rivers west fleece an pants
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wind stopper realtree clothing

    Xl top 32-34 pants