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    156 berger in 8" twist 6.5 stability

    Yes. 140s out of the same gun are extremely predictable. 156 is not up to my standards for shooting at anything other than targets.
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    156 berger in 8" twist 6.5 stability

    I tried doing exactly what you are wanting to try last fall. BC inconsistentcy made me severely limit my range when atmospheric conditions were changing. Accurately predicting first round hits wasn't precise enough for me to shoot at an animal past around 500 yards. I would have likely only...
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    How many guys single feed?

    Single feed only for precision shooting for me.
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    Is a 9lb rifle too heavy? Opinions?

    My long range rifles are all 10-15 lbs. Not many average guys can shoot light rifles well enough for long range accuracy.
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    My triggers are all set at or just above 2 lbs
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    Chronograph chronographed?

    I shot one last fall. Was having a frustrating day anyway on a load that was terrible and to top it off ended up destroying the chronograph. Was a good reason to upgrade to a magnitospeed. Should have upgraded sooner anyway.
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    Shoulder shots

    If wind call isn't 100% I'm aiming for high shoulder. It offers a wide margin for error and most of the animals are going to buckle right in their tracks and never take a step.
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    Made in the USA important to you?

    Most of my guns are american made
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    Who’s tried a Steripen?

    If filters freeze they no longer work. If there is a possibility of freezing I use a steripen classic and a gsi microlite 1000 vacuum insulated water bottle.
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    Why the 6.5 caliber?

    I've hunted with mostly 6.5 for more than 10 years. I shoot them and smaller calibers more accurately and consistently than heavier recoiling guns. I cant stand breaks on a hunting rifle. I have never looked at a wound channel from my 6.5 and thought it needed a bigger caliber.
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    exploding bullets on this real or are people guessing?

    The worst splash wound I have seen was a 200 grain sst fired from a 45 cal smokeless muzzle loader. Guy hit a whitetail deer in the shoulder 10 yards away and peeled most of the meat right off the shoulder. They chased the deer around nearly the entire day before someone was able to put it down...
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    New Gunwerks 6.5-284 Norma

    That would depend on the muzzle velocity of each load and I don't have time right now to run the numbers. Basically, as long as you keep your impact velocity above 1,800 fps the bullet will do the job. I wouldn't worry about fpe. With modern fragmenting bullets it really makes no difference...
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    What’s happening to LRH?

    I find less and less of the responses on this forum to be from a knowledgeable source. Read the name of the site people. If you don't practice enough to know your own limits you should not be on here trying to impose limits on others who do. Just look at the what scope threads. Non stop people...
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    New Gunwerks 6.5-284 Norma

    My choice to shoot or not shoot at an animal has nothing to do with bore diameter or shot distance. I choose to shoot when I am confident I have an accurate wind call/range and the bullet will create a wound channel directly above the heart. I have never wounded a single big game animal with a...
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    New Gunwerks 6.5-284 Norma

    I have killed elk out to 905 yards with the 140 vld from a 6.5x284 through the shoulder and still didn't recover the bullet. Hitting the front shoulder helps bullet expansion at lower impact velocity and the animal will go down quicker. Gunwerks is spot on with their advice. If you are worried...

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