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    Dream sheep gun

    I’m just returning from the sheep show in Reno Nevada. I thought I had a sheep gun picked out, but now having looked at all of those custom guns there I’m rethinking my original build
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    Anyone have any luck with a good .17HMR?

    Yeah I wouldn’t use it for a dedicated yote gun for that reason alone. But I’ve always been told the best coyote gun is the one in your hand
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    Anyone have any luck with a good .17HMR?

    I love my 17 hmr its a ruger 77/17. Took my first coyote with it weekend before Halloween.. shot was far from long range he **** near walked to the rig to see what was going on...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Beanland Built Bighorn TL2 6X47

    Thank god someone is buying this beautiful rifle. I've been drooling all over it on the hide but sadly need a new truck before a new gun.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage, McGowen 28",bell&carlson 6.5x47L

    How much in trade value?
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    Black tail deer

    For you guys out there hunting black tails. What's your secret? A buddy and I went out yesterday and saw a plethora of sign but not a single buck. We glassed clear cuts we hiked in the trees nothing. Am I missing something or just bad luck?
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    Leupold mk6

    What rings and base are you using on it true? Could you post pictures of your set up?
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    Leupold mk6

    Haha that is a tempting offer but I'll at least get it mounted before I decide to sell it or not lol.
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    Leupold mk6

    Who here is running the mk6 3-18 on there hunting rigs? I just won one in a raffle but don't really know a lot about it. I'm more of a vortex nightforce guy.
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    264 Win Mag twist?

    1-8 in my .264 wm and it shoots the vlds and smks like a house of fire
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    25-06 rebarrel.

    I've got a 25-06 Remington 700 sendero that I'm kicking around getting rebarrled but I'm not sure what round I want to go with. I was planing on a 6.5-284 Norma but I think that will be to close to my .264 wm to make a difference in my arsenal. What would you guys rebarrel to if you had the choice
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    Happy 4TH of July everyone

    I picked up a vortex viper 2.5-10 for it. It's great for shooting closer but I'd like to get maybe a 4-16 for those longer shots rare as they maybe.
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    Happy 4TH of July everyone

    Spent the morning shoot ground squirrels. This little 77-17 is shooting like a house of fire now. It really likes CCI 20GR JHP. I shot 6 squirrels out of 8 shots not so bad since they were all off hand.
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    Hornady auto charge

    I've got a auto charge from hornaday and I'm wanting to upgrade but I'm not sure to what. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    First blood!

    Yeah the hmr. I love it glad I finally got some rounds down range with it. Next I'm looking for a .22lr target