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    [help] Unable to load ammo with Ogive

    Thanks for all the info, guys! Yea, it turns out my OAL is too long (>>>2.81'') with the measured ogive. I did use tools to measure ogive, same as this video:
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    [help] Unable to load ammo with Ogive

    I have a bergara B14 hmr in 308win, which has Ogive at 2.2815'' with sierra MK 175gn bullet. So I tried to reload my ammo with 2.2615'' ogive. It turns out the 1st round in magazine is able to be loaded, but the following rounds in the mag all stuck between breech and mag and are unable to be...
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    Disassembly a bolt action with glass bedding?

    I took the action and barrel off the stock from my brand new "browning x bolt carbon fiber suppressor ready" yesterday for cleaning. Haven't shoot the rifle since purchased on January. After unscrewed the two screws on the butt, I tried to pulled the action and barrel up carefully. But certainly...
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    Leupold GR Vs Vortex Razor HD Vs Athlon Ares?

    Going to get my 1st spotting scope. Main usage would be spotting at range out to 500 yard (but considering 1000 yard in the future), and also do a few hunting. My budget is no more than $1400 I've narrowed down my options to: * Leupold GR 12-40*60 HD * Vortex Razor HD 22-48 * Vanguard Endeavor...