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    Reloader 26 in 6.5 creedmoor

    Thanks for sharing! I've also heard many great things with Peterson brass, I just might have to give them a shot. Quick question for you, since you're playing with RL-26 in 6.5 CM, have you done any load workup for the 147 ELD-M?
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    Kudos to Bowfishn

    Completely agree, some sites I'm afraid to post in because they just bash people. Not this one, great content and community. @Bstick
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    Kudos to Bowfishn

    That's great and exactly what I was hoping for, others chiming in and letting these guys know that sharing their knowledge is saving some of us so much time and frustration. Hope I'm tagging the right guys here. @Len Backus @Andy Backus
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    6.5 CM - RL-26 - Ladder Load Help

    Sorry guys I should have been more clear. I've used this 10+ single shot ladder load test before and it's worked great. What I'm looking for here is my accuracy node. For example, in RL-16 I found a great flat spot from 41.7 - 42.1 however the pressures were too high. That's when I started...
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    6.5 CM - RL-26 - Ladder Load Help

    Tried the ladder load test with RL-26 for the first time today and getting some numbers bouncing around. Any input is appreciated! Quick overview of equipment, Gen6 powder dispenser, match grade dies, brand new brass. I inspect each piece of brass and weigh each bullet prior to loading. I...
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    Kudos to Bowfishn

    I feel that people like @Bowfishn should be recognized for what they contribute to the community. He's helped me without knowing me at all. He's helped many others on this board and a handful of other boards. The knowledge that you guys have is priceless and the fact that you're willing to help...
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    Burris XTR II 5-25x50 scope FS MOA/MOA

    Still for sale?
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    It did work great for me, the two times I took it out shooting. It was a breeze to setup and worked flawlessly. I'm not sure why that's fishy. I'm the kind of guy that buys way too much stuff, plays with it a few times, sometimes I keep the item and sometimes I part with it. Works out pretty...
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    Hey there, sorry for the late reply. I thought I would get emails when I got responses on this thread. Anyway, she's been sold but I have a few other range finder I may be posting.
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    Price dropped :)
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    Hello all, I have a KILO2400ABS for sale. Bought it last month after I read about it winning optic of the year. I completely agree with that award too, I was extremely impressed with that bad boy!! I does everything! I paid $1,621.93 and asking $1,350, I'll even ship it for free. I'll do my...
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    408 Cheytac vs. 50 Cal

    This is great info, thanks all! I love my AR-50 but .408 or .338 has been very appealing. I'll take this info in to account.
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    Which ballistic "APP" works the best for you

    Lots of votes for Strelok but no comments about it. I've used it and like it, because it was decent and free. I rely on my KILO 2400 ABS now, that thing is unreal.
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    1 mile shot with 338 Lapua video

    Nice shot! I've got just about the same setup, including the scope. Love that thing! Thanks for sharing!