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    308 win still worth having

    I never was a .308 Win. guy but a couple presidents ago I felt I needed an Ar-10 just to show that a person could hunt with a modern sporting rifle. Took my doe antelope that fall with it, 165 yards and it dropped in its tracks. Then last year an old school Ruger 77 RFI carbine in .308 Win...
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    Who is your favorite hunting influencer?

    Jack O'Connor and my father in law. Still a brace of .270 Winchesters in the safe. 😊👍
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    Copper removal from used gun

    I agree with you. No color on the patch is a clue as well.
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    Standard 270 win

    In my safe there are many rifles but if I had to pick one out of the bunch it would be my old Sako .270 Win. I've shot 130 grain bullets over the years settling in the Barnes tsx about 15 years ago or so. This rifle had never failed to produce from headshot cottontails to moose. Use H4831 as my...
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    What age were your kids when they shot there first big game animal.

    My boys were both 12, legal age in the state. I believe both were capable at age 10 as they had been shooting big game rifles well on a regular basis at that same.
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    Free CPS to worthy home.

    I was going to write a long story about how this old guy with thousands of cases prepped for priming would love your gift to ease the task. Upon reading some of the requests you gave received I find myself unworthy compared to others. Therefore I would just like to offer my thank you to the...
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    Deregulation was on the doorstep then that moron shot up Las Vegas and for some unknown reason ??? It went away.
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    Trimming Brass

    I'm a Forster guy. Have a couple Lyman's as well but find the Forster more consistent.
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    Welcome from Lander.🙂
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    Case prep center

    Pleased with my Lyman. 👍
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    Case prep center

    Use a Lyman, works great.👍
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    264 win mag for elk?

    Shot several with mine way back in the day. 140 gr. Nosler partitions worked wonderfully.
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    Everyone needs to see this

    Years ago while conducting a rifle qualification for my agency shooting DOD issued M14s, we had a rifle explode due to a massive case failure (per the manufacturer (no longer in business) who took full responsibility.) of a "factory refurbished" round. The shooter was shooting from the prone...
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    Caliber choice for prairie dogs

    .22 lr .17 hmr .223 Rem. 6mm Rem./.243 Win
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    Reloading press

    Used my RCBS Rock Chucker for the last 45 years without a failure. Also have a Pro 2000 sand RCBS Turret but the Rock Chucker is my standby for the heavy work.