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    cheap scope shooting 1000 yards any ideas

    Get a 20 to 30 MOA rail for your rifle if your shooting out that far. Makes scope adjustments easier. try a SWFA super sniper 10x or 20x. 30mm tubes. These have mildot reticles Have the 20x on my 50 BMG and the 10x on my .308. Weaver is good too. have a 10x target on my .243. I've shot all out...
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    Your Longest Kill on Game

    1100yrd with 308 155gr A-max shotting a antelope
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    50 Beowulf- Anyone want to take a guess?

    The new Hornady reload manual has 50 beowulf reload data. Similar to mine to which I use H110 for powder. I've load 275 XPB and 375 XPB Barnes, 300 HP and 350 HP hornady. and 400 FP speers. Barnes work the best. The 275 XPB has a hollow point deep enough to use as a shot glass. Impact is like...