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    Bullet selections

    I personally would go with a 150 ballistic tip from a 308 for whitetail . They generally are easy to get to shoot good. At 308 velocities they will do just fine . I’ve never seen a ballistic tip not kill when the bullet goes where it is supposed to . We can all go on about how so and so bullet...
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    Wild West?

    I’ll almost guarantee it
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    Split case

    Not sure it may just have been a faulty piece of brass . Had almost the same issue a few years ago with my 270 wsm . Had 2 pieces split one on the neck and one down near the case head . First loading on brand new brass. Never had an issue since
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    How many rounds do you have in your pack?

    Depends on which gun if it’s my tompson encore 3-4 rounds more than sufficient. In my bolt gun I’ll generally take 5 . If I’m squirrel hunting with my 17 Mach 2 I take 2 magazines each holds 7 and a 50 count box . My oldest son can’t hit crap at all with a shotgun for real I give him 5 shells...
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    Brass a bit stiff when my wits end. Help!

    Had a similar scenario with my 243 win . After talking to the good folks at rcbs they told me to screw my die in till it touched the shell holder at the highest point on the upstroke then move the ram down and screw the die in another 1/4 to 1/2 turn more . May be worth a try it fixed my issue...
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    When life gets tough, there is hope

    There’s no words anyone can ever say to take the hurt from this away . All we can do is try our best to help. In the last year I’ve personally buried a beautiful 16 yr old young lady who was a friend to my sons . And my wife’s cousins newborn son . Life sure doesn’t seem fair sometimes ...
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    Magnum rifle

    No such thing as to much gun . Get that 300 and let her eat .
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    30-30 Long Range Challenge

    Man wish I still had my marlin micro groove barreled 30-30 . Only gun I’ve ever had stolen . That sucker shot real good had a 3-9 power scope . It would shoot 1 inch groups at 100 all day long. Man i wish I still had it I’d be all over this
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    Talk me out of a 300 rum

    My buddy has the Lapua and I do all his loading . I don’t mind sharing components just not brass. When I get around to rebarelling the current 30-378 I’m certain it’ll come out 338-378 just because I’ve always wanted one . Long before I ever heard tell of the 338 Lapua magnum . I’ll be perfectly...
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    Talk me out of a 300 rum

    Got 3 of them in the safe . One per son and one of my own . My sons are both German made and mine is a vanguard
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    Talk me out of a 300 rum

    As far as for hunting I’m pretty certain a rum wouldn’t get the attention it truly deserves. For years I was a die hard 300 win fan . Then to the 270 wsm. Now I’ve been on the 7 mm08 band wagon for the last few years . Now this is all for Wv whitetail and black bears. Not saying that once in...
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    Talk me out of a 300 rum

    Another quick question a lot of the 300 rums I’m seeing for sale have a 1:10 twist . Is that sufficient for say the 230 Berger
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    Talk me out of a 300 rum

    I was hoping JE you would chime in . I love getting your wealth of knowledge. If I go 338 it’ll be the 338-378 just because I’ve always and I mean always wanted one. Don’t really know why just always have same as my 7 mm stw . I remember reading the prelude to its reloading pages in the nosler...
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    Talk me out of a 300 rum

    The 30-378 has never let me down . Honestly I’m very happy with the round count I got . And performance has been stellar. Just it’s reached its life expectancies

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