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    Best Bedding Material

    I have used most of the above listed bedding compounds. They all work and are easy to use and machine. Take your pick. Currently have Brownell's steel bed on the shelf.
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    Rule of Thumb for Shooting Down Hill

    Some real good information posted in this thread.
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    Barrel length and powder burn rate for 7 mag.

    I have a factory 700 CDL in 7 mag with a 26" barrel. I'm just now starting to work with 175 grain bullets and 8133 powder. I have only fired 9 rounds so far while starting a ladder up test, but it does show some promise in velocity and accuracy. I will post here if I settle on a load.
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    H-4895 Powder - Anyone - Availability

    M2 ball is not or ever was the standard 30-06 service round. I was invented in 1939 as training ammo because the M1 ball in service that the M1 was developed for (173 grain) was overshooting the berms at National Guard bases. Standard issue WW II and Korea was M2 Armor piercing at 163 grains...
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    6.5-300 loaded neck diameter

    Maybe this will answer your question. When first available I purchased a MK V Accumark in 6.5 X 300 Wby Mag. Reloading supplies were not available at that time to I purchase 200 rounds of factory ammo. 100 Swift 130 Sirocco's and 100 140 grain A-Frames. That is all that was available. I just now...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED RL 15, IMR 4350, IMR 7828 SSC, Win 760 avail for Preorder for Shipment Coming

    I buy a boat load of powder from them. I just live East of Salida.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED RL 15, IMR 4350, IMR 7828 SSC, Win 760 avail for Preorder for Shipment Coming

    I buy a boat load of powder from them. I just live East of Salida.
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    LRM primers ok to use on 257 WTHBY

    I have been loading and shooting a 257 Wby with 117 grain Sierra Pro Hunters since IMR 7828 was released to the public early eighties. My load is 70.0 grains of 7828 and a Fed 215 primer behind the 117 Sierra. Works great
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    Stabil Powder issue?

    I'm thinking you have a primer problem. If the primer fired and the powder didn't you would have a bullet stuck in the barrel. I have removed bullets stuck in barrels because the reloader forgot the powder in one or more rounds.
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    I would be willing to trade a box of 215 Hybrids for a box of EOL 156 6.5's
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    Bullets That Were MIA for 2021

    Berger EOL 156 gr. 6.5's. Couldn't find anywhere in 2021.
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    Powder wishlist

    RL23, RL26, RETUMBO, N570. and VARGET. Also I could use some H1000, 7977, 8133. And all sorts of primers!
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    Powder/Primer storage

    I posted this about a year ago, but here it is again. I was forming 256 Newton brass from once fired 270 WW brass. I needed to check water capacity for a quick load question. I seated a new WW WLR primer and filled with water and checked the water weight. Set it aside and forgot about it. Two or...
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    What cartridges do you load with 8208xbr

    I only use it for 150/155 grain loads in my 308 and 7.62 X 51 rifles. Will not work in the .257 Wby with any bullet weight.
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    Winchester brass good enough or not worth it?

    I have had this problem with the Red Bag Win brass. I purchased two fifty count bags and 28 were not useable! Shoulder pleats. torn necks, and flash holes off center. Called Winchester and ask for replacement cases, they didn't have any in stock and sent me a check. This was 300 Win Mag. Because...