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    How to deprime live primers?

    BTW, WD-40, sprayed into a primer will render a primer inert, usually in a few seconds.
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    How to deprime live primers?

    I use the primer extractor pin for my reloading press. In my case, the deprimer pin is on the same tool as the case neck expander. So I use a tool for a smaller caliber. For instance, in the rare instance where I wish to deprime a 300 Wby Mag case. I use the tool from a 7MM wby to remove the...
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    BULLET STUCK IN BBL in the field

    I believe the problem is the overall bullet/cartridge length is longer than the allowable length. When this occurs freebore becomes less than 0 inches and the bullet can become clamped by the barrel lands, resulting in bullet extraction from an unfired cartridge upon bullet extraction from the...
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    Do larger calibers really compensate for bad shots?

    When harvesting an animal the size of the animal and the hide makeup are what causes me to choose which weapon I shoot. If I were looking to kill an Elk or Deer sized animal I would use a bullet that has considerable hydrostatic shock, .257 Weatherby Mag or .300 Weatherby Mag. However, neither...
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    Mixing Different Lots Same Powder

    J E, you are correct. Very few shooters have the knowledge, persistence, patience or dedication to become extremely accurate. The original question about mixing lots of powders is a good example of someone who is seeking the information to become an excellent shooter. I applaud the question...
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    300 Wby Mag

    My favorite Elk cartridge is the .300 Wby Mag. I hav found the 180 grain Grongratulations on your gift! I have hunted with the .300 Wby mag since 1978. My favorite Elk cartridge is the .300 Wby Mag. I have tested various rifle cartridges and testing proves hydrostatic shock is more important...
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    How do you drag game out?

    A long time ago a good butcher told me game meat sours from the bone out and the only meats that should be aged is Beef and Pork. He went on to say bone souring starts within an hour or so after an animal is killed, even when the outside temperature is near freezing. So, I remove the hide from...
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    Do Primers Go Bad

    I have used 20 year old primers with great success. However, oil is a great way to make a primer inert. spraying WD-40 onto a primer will kill it if the lubricant gets to the active agent. One of the more common causes for hang fire is primer depth. If a primer is not fully seated into the...
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    30-06 or 300mag

    Very good insight from all! I hunt Colorado now and my wife and I have hunted here since 1993. Together we have harvested approximately 40 Elk. Most via Archery! I agree, shot placement and accuracy are of the utmost importance. Yes, a 30-06 can and does harvest Elk at 500 yards with app 1250...
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    30-06 or 300mag

    Cariboo, I like your reply. I personally use a .300 Weatherby Mag with a 180 grain bullet. However, I am not recoil sensitive and I have many hours of trigger time with the Weatherby. I find the .300 Weatherby mag has significantly higher hydrostatic shock pressure than the 30-06 and both my...
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    30-06 or 300mag

    When it comes down to harvesting an Elk, or any animal for that matter, shot placement is usually the most important factor. A 30-06 has more than enough energy and velocity to mortally wound an Elk. However, unless you want to search for the animal, shoot for the heart or lungs. I believe a...
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    Which 300?

    I appreciate the agony involved with choosing the best .300 as there are a considerable number of .300 cartridges. I have actively hunted Deer, Elk, Bear and Buffalo for the past 45 years. When choosing a cartridge I decided I wanted a single cartridge that would allow me to use a single rifle...
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    Do Primers Go Bad

    Primers do not tend to go "bad" unless they are exposed to lubricants or excessive moisture. Because you had Hang fires, is it possible the primers were not fully seated in the cartridge? When primers are not seated deep enough in the pocket the energy of the firing pin can be used to move the...
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    Your Ultimate 500 Yard Rig

    I have harvested numerous Elk at distance exceeding 400 yards. And, I have witnessed several Elk hit with 308, 30-06, 270 etc escape without flinching from a shot that resulted in a dead Elk not being found, or found after the meat became unusable. Shot placement is critical! All of the rounds...
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    Custom Rifle Builder Question

    Your question is intriguing, and it could use a little more detail. What will the rifle be used for? If you are going to hunt N American large Game at distances beyond 400 yards, I would have a good firearm builder put together a SAKO action with .300 Weatherby cartridge. The .300 Wby can be...

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