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    I snore like loudly and have spent up to six months at a time living in a tent in areas where mountain lions and black bears are regularly seen. I have found tracks for both walking through camp and never had an issue. I did have a mountain lion scream about 30 yards from me. It scared the crap...
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    Rifle cover

    I’ve never used one. I tape my barrel and use a neoprene scope cover. I use a kifaru gun runner so I can see my barrel and don’t run it into trees and won’t fall on it. I haven’t ever felt the need for anything more.
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    Best lightweight sleeping bag for the money

    I think you had it right when you were considering synthetic. Lots of people disagree with me but with synthetic you can climb in with wet clothes and even boots and dry out over night. When it is below freezing all day that is the only way to dry yourself and your gear outother than sittyby a...
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    Clothing for Colorado second season Elk

    I worked a 10 day period outside near tabernash Colorado where the high temperature never got above 20 below zero. I have also seen weeks where the lows don't drop below 20 in October and highs are in the 40s. You may have to adjust your kit based on the forecast. Don't forget that elevation can...
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    I use some black diamond strap on crampons in steep terrain and deep snow or a pair of good snowshoes. I also forgot to mention that crampons can be great in loose leaves and really soft loamy soil.
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    Yaktraks are useless in anything that isn't completely flat. They stretch too much and just slide off your feet. They work great walking around town, running on a paved trail or walking on a frozen lake. Microspikes are a great option for most scenarios. They stop working in deep snow and are...
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    Long gun carry options

    For long hikes I have tried lots of options and won't use anything other than the Kifaru gun bearer. I once hiked 20 miles in it in a single day and didn't have a single complaint. It is very quick to get the rifle up and is a lot easier to protect the rifle if you fall. I never found it...
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    Changing Ballistic Tip to Accubond

    In 3 rifles I have tried, all shoot to the same poi but group sizes have been larger for the accubonds.
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    Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 Rifle Scope Appreciation Gift Away

    Like everyone else, I would love to win a quality scope
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    Altitude mask while training?

    These are the best option. I lived in a mountain town in Colorado and new more than one Olympic hopeful. Every one of them lived by the motto of sleep high train low. Do your training at low altitude where you can train much harder and sleep at high altitude (or in a high altitude tent) to...
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    How do I get a redding expander button out of a case

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. The expander threads were jacked up so I had to really ream on it to get it to unthread from the rod but when it did I was able to drill out the end of the case and get it to fall out the bottom. Upon closer inspection it appears that the hole for the...
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    How do I get a redding expander button out of a case

    I was using a redding full length sizing die to resize my .300 WM that had previously only been neck sized. This is the first time I had used the die. I was able to size one case, but with a lot of difficulty. I backed the die out a half turn and tried to resize a second case and the case got...
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    1st FFP vs 2nd FFP

    I agree with this. Great glass doesn't help you see a fine reticle. I chose a second focal plane primarily because I can use my range finder faster than I can calculate a range with a FFP reticle. However, I also like the fact that I don't need a lighted reticle in order to see it at low...
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    Win $1000 worth of Sitka Gear clothing - LRH Give Away

    I'd love to win some more sitka gear
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    cast bullet lube question

    Thanks for the advice, at $40 per 100 I shouldn't have to do this.