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    Scammer Possible Beware lrlarry

    Another common scam is posting on eBay, facebook etc that are for things like tractors, welders etc. Its so bad that eBay has a team that looks for those specifically (amongst others). So if you see a price that is too good to be true, it probably is. Some of the telltale signs of the scams...
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    Which boots?

    You can find a lot of good boots but so many are only good when dry, as some are mentioning. Get yourself a good leather boot then go over to and pick up a pair of lamilite socks. You will never go back.
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    Yet another "What cartridge?" thread

    you seem like someone who isn’t afraid to try something different and judging by the responses people are giving neither are they:-). Anyway I’d go with 7mm-08 AI. I’m not going to say it outperforms other cartridges mentioned but will say it is a fun, inherently accurate round that should do...
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    Priming tools:

    I’ve used the rcbs bench mounted unit for decades. You get a good feel during seating so it’s good feedback. The only thing I recommend is attaching a ball to the end of the handle. After a couple hundred rounds your hand starts to get sore. Some people just wrap a soft gag or something on the...
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    The Best Bullets and the Best Powders

    Isn’t this a Ford vs Chevy or Mac vs Windows or (insert strongly opinionated arguments here)? Realistically this is a personal thing. You have to try bullets and powders to see what works in your firearms / loads. You can realistically ask for recommendations but aside from that answers will...
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    What blew up my gun?

    35gr Varget is my standard load for 55gr bullets but they are Nosler BT, so different bullet and different base but they should be comparable as the weight is by far the largest variable, followed by ogive shape, which affects distance to lands. The thing is, even if your rifle failed from...
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    What blew up my gun?

    I like both. I use the digital scale from the RCBS powder measure to dispense the powder then I drop either every 3rd or every one on the beam scale to verify. The electronic measure speeds things up and I find that I can go a long time before the scale drifts. But, you must make sure both the...
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    What blew up my gun?

    "All cases had 34.6gn of Varget except 5had 35gn, 3 had 36gn & 1 had 37gn I went back to Hornady Load Book and 34.6gn is absolute Max for 55Gn V-Max bullet The loads I've been making are for 50Gn V-Max bullet. (which I used previously) Max amount of Varget I could get in a 22-250 case is 39gn...
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    Do larger calibers really compensate for bad shots?

    Each round has its own ability to affect the animals systems and ultimately its demise. The thing is, sure you can shoot a larger round and have, potentially at least, a greater affect on the animal. But a lot of what we are talking about is “How bad of a shot?” If you gut shoot something then...
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    How about let’s see them Reloading Benches

    Whenever I'm home I get a Moose Drool on tap at Mckenzie River Pizza. Moose Drool, lodge poles, and a pizza. The perfect trifecta.
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    Case trimmer- what to buy and not to buy

    While I have used the LE Wilson trimmer for decades without issue I'd have to say that this new trimmer shows a lot of promise. Its called the worlds finest trimmer and its accurate and fast without too much money. I haven't used it but I've seen other loaders review it etc and I'd say its...
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    Case trimmer- what to buy and not to buy

    Interesting. How so? I've run countless thousands of cases through one and have never found any issue whatsoever. Maybe you had a bad unit?
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    How not, to use a 6.5 creedmoor

    This video had a lot wrong. Did anyone notice that some of the shots were while the elk was on the ridge line? So much for knowing your target and beyond...
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    Hunting Rifle MOA Rant

    I think you are falling into the trap of assuming your situation fits everyone else. What I have experienced is most people who hunt (probably more than 95%) are hunting at ranges of 200 yards or less. Now it is also considered that the kill zone is an 8" paper plate for big game. If you have...
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    7mm-08 or 6.5

    I know of an indigenous guy in Canada that hunted everything they had with a 22-250. He proved beyond a doubt that shot placement was key. He was very successful hunting with his one gun and I took that as an example of why you need to practice and that you don’t need a new gun for everything...