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    been a while

    That great! Thats what it is all about, getting those young ones involved, good job and congrats to both of you..
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    Experience with Hornady SST on deer?

    Interesting...I've used them on whitetail extensively in the midwest. In .257 Wby mag, .270 win, 270 Wby mag, 7mm rem mag. I have been very happy with the accuracy on all, and equally happy with the terminal ballistics. I personally have had nothing walk away from them, and haven't recovered...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 Takeoff Barrels - Reduced

    Do you have any of these barrels still for sale?
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    Hello to all from N.W. MO

    winmag, i know...I'm already hopeless...happily so!
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    Hello to all from N.W. MO

    Hello to all, found this site while on another, and followed a link..alot to learn here, seems to be full of people with alot of knowledge. Hunt alot in north west missouri, but try to go out west as much as possible and chase mulies, goats and elk. Now I just need to get to reading, thanks...