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    Recommendation for a handheld monocular/clip on thermal and business to buy from.

    I have bought lots of goodies from Kathleen at Top notch all the way around. Also if you have haven’t been to snipershide forums look at the night vision thermal part tons of great info. Good luck !
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    Drew a MT Breaks Elk tag

    Awesome bull !
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    Wife's 11pt Texas WT...Her PB

    Tell her congratulations and it’s awesome she wants to be in the woods with you !
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    Almost time to go

    Awesome man! Been very close to that area just south of it. It’s amazing back there. Looking forward to pics safe travels home
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    Non Typical Outfitters, Big Bull Down

    Stud bull buddy congrats!
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    G7 BR2 vs G7 BR2500

    I have owned the BR2 since they came out and have had zero issues. It has been to Yukon 2 times, BC once and all Over Wyoming and New Mexico. It has never failed me one time.
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    Action choice...

    Impact precision for sure!
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    Wool Socks - for people who's feet get really hot.

    Darn tough, farm to feet, duckworth, schnees, 👍🏻
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    Oh Wyoming....

    Man that’s awesome ! Suppose to be 90’s in OK today ;(
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    Oh Wyoming....

    Love the Wyoming snow and miss it. One of these days I will live back up there. Until then I will just have to go back as much as possible . Good luck on the season ahead. Any new rifle /bullet combos you will be trying ?
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    Shooting school in Idaho?

    If I was in Idaho I would go to Shawn carlock Defensive edge shooting school for sure ! The man knows his stuff.
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    What is a good scope for a Bushmaster.50 BMG

    How much you want to spend ? I have a NF ATACR 5-25 I am willing to part with. Let me know if will be a great deal and have a mount to go with it.
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    Zero Compromise

    I have the 4-20 on a lone peak fusion with carbon fiber proof barrel in 300 Norma improved for a hunting rifle. Also,have the 5-27 on another rifle. Have owned every high end scope except tangent theta and ZCO is by far the best in every category.
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    Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack

    Sorry it sold