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    500-800 yd elk rifle

    Sorry I'm a little late to the party. This line of logic - 1MOA @100 = [email protected] is the problem. A 1" group at 100 almost never equals a 8" group at 800. This is arguably the biggest mistake newer shooters make. IMO 2 things show up at longer ranges - shooter error + quality of loaded...
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    Remington 700 ML rebarrel

    His work and products have been top shelf. Agreed on his people skills. The all lead bullets really are the best material for reliable expansion at ML velocities. Email is probably the best way to work with him, if you go that direction.
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    Which 30 cal?

    For ease of use, the 300WM is the way to go. Ballistically, there is not much difference between the 3 out to 500 yards. Maybe the best response so far. Which cartridge doesn't have ample energy to kill an elk at 500? let's be real about this - an accurate gun with excess KE that fits well...
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    250 grain Barnes tipped, no Blood?

    if you'd like to try an all copper bullets that leaves huge holes, try the maker bullet. Expansion is terrific and blood trails are amazing. pics below are from the 250gr 45 cal bullet this year.
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    Remington 700 ML rebarrel

    You'll get a bunch of answers for this question, but here's some ideas. if using it for deer...45 cal if using it for elk...50 cal due to some states ML requirements for elk Get a barrel that can shoot smokeless because they handle BH209 with ease. Lots of options for barrels Arrowhead, Hankins...
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    BLASPHEMY ???????????????

    Never bought a gun for resale purposes. I buy them to use, not abuse. if they have any value after I'm gone... who cares? they were for my enjoyment.
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    Kids rifle build suggestions

    Didn't say I lost animals, but I agree that can happen with any cartridge. What I said was many animals were difficult to recover because of little to no blood. Grid searching saved the day. The 243 and soft points didn't perform to my expectations with well placed (lung) shots. I'm not...
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    Kids rifle build suggestions

    Here's my recommendation for new/young shooters: The 308 has the arguably widest variety of ammo and grows with the shooter better than most. A very drama free cartridge. its my number one recommendation for a first rifle. Ammo is cheap as well. there's the factory 125 sst reduced recoil load...
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    338 build advice

    The 300 gr Bergers and accubonds run closer to 3.9" coal and actually hit my gong harder than the hammer bullets. But the trajectory and slightly lighter recoil make the hammer bullet my first choice. Here's something to consider....a 300 WM loaded with a 215 Berger has enough energy to kill an...
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    338 build advice

    I run a 338 edge with a 26" HCA barrel. 260 [email protected] is no joke. my entire set up is under 10#. Would take the edge for more brass options. Gun also shoots 300 Berger's/ accubond about 2800. Many good options, but the 300 rum isn't going away and 338 edge is being made by ADG... so there's a...
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    Done with 215 Bergers

    they once used the acronym APE. Accuracy Penetration Expansion This is the priority of what a bullet needs to do, to achieve optimal results. Remove any letter and expect poor results. IMO Bergers kill stuff very well if you follow 2 rules: heavy for cartridge bullet weight and make sure the...
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    Done with 215 Bergers

    after reading some comments on this thread, the only thing I'm going to do is add some people to the "ignore" list due to the massive ignorance. Berger's flat out kill stuff. In fact my friend killed 2 elk with 1 shot ( killed the bull and a fragment killed a cow bedded down about 20 yards...
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    7 rem mag over 6.5cm...

    monos take speed to work well. I'd take the 7 all day long for the added powder capacity.
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    300 Ruger compact magnum thoughts

    just get a new gun in 308 win. use your 30 cal bullets and have arguably the best moderate range hunting gun. if you told me I was only going to hunt deer at 450 or less, I'd grab my 257 bee or 308 everytime (choice dependent on the terrain).
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    Help! What big 30cal?

    just a couple of thoughts and questions. how far are you going shoot? what is big game? you can get a 30-378 weatherby and have the highest capacity, but it comes with a short barrel life, tons of recoil, and lots of extra component costs for the extra velocity. were this my decision, I'd take...