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    School me on detached front rest shooting!

    Opinion #1 i would never shoot any of my rifles from a lead sled. Fire 300 rounds and look at the internals of the stock and recoil lug. Most of the fellows I know shooting F class open do not touch the gun when sighting. The butt of the stock is about 3/4 of an inch off there shoulder, they...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb 300 rum

    I have a Sendaro SFII with muzzle break, silver leupold bases and rings, silver 4.5 x 14 leupold VX3 with the silver sunshade. Interested?
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    WC 867 Info

    Be very careful on the initial loads with this powder. The instructions say its burn rate is near AA8700, this is not what we have found. The burn rate is slightly slower than H1000, loads using the AA8700 were way over pressured. I tried the initial load of 111gr in a 30-378 Wby, cronoed at...
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    help with spotting scopes

    I recently purchased a 80mm Leupold Kenai (OP on sale) with 20 x 60 eyepiece and 30x wide angle eyepiece, very clear optics even at high magnification. To heavy to carry all day so I also got a cheap (150$) plastic lens scope to put in the backpack. Cost of both is within your budget.