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    AR caliber and make advise

    You might look into the 6mm/223 (6x45). It uses the standard .223/5.56 AR mags, the same bolt as the .223/5.56 since it is a .223 necked up to .243. It will handle hunting bullets up to 100/105 grains as long as you use a 1:9 twist. I am building one right now.
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    New Hodgdon CFE 223 Powder

    I am going to try it in my AR as soon as I can find some.
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    ? what is your Deer Rifle?

    I deer hunt with a Winchester Model 70 Sporter Varmint in .243 caliber using a 100gr. Nosler Partition.
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    what make is your AR?

    RRA and ArmaLite. Both function flawlessly.
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    Are you on Facebook?

    Like I said in an earlier post, I am/was on it. No longer. I disconnected and won't be back after reading about the co-founders joining in a letter to Obama asking that he make same-sex marriages legal in all states. This is taken from the letter to Obama... "Whether to end discrimination in...
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    AR-15 Triggers

    All of my AR's now have the RRA NM two stage triggers. For the price and functionality, they can't be beat IMHO.
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    ScopeChief BDC knob

    This may not be the right place but I just bought a very nice Winchester M70 Sporter Varmint in .223 and it has a Bushnell ScopeChief VI already on it. This scope is a 4-12x40 AO BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) that is in excellent condition. This scope has been out of production for years...
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    .243 ? Which bullet?

    My bullet for deer in the .243 has always been the 100gr. Nosler Partition. It has never failed me yet and this is on big northern Missouri whitetails.
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    Are you on Facebook?

    I am on it. My wife came in my gun room one day and said "there, I got you signed up on Facebook". I asked her why she did that and she told me that I said, "I don't know how to sign up, do it for me". I know I am forgetful since my heart attack but I am almost certain that I did not ask her...
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    remington mod 504 .22 lr

    You might go to rimfirecentral and do a search on Remington 504's. Lots of info there.