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    New Berger 25cal 135gn LRHT

    Are you opening up the tips? Sorry if I missed you already mention that. I have some #59 wire bits and I just drilled a couple out..never tried it before and wondering what your process is like. Some of mine end up straight, some are off center and exaggerate the already inconsistent tip.
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    For Sale New 6.5 creedmoor die set RCBS Fl-B GMM, plus new lapua brass

    For sale, new never used RCBS 6.5 creed FL-B die set (gold metal match seater and full length bushing die, bushings not included) plus unopened box of lapua 6.5 creedmoor small primer pocket. If needed I can also supply some lapua scenar 109gr bullets, and if local to central CA can spare a few...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bushnell LRHS 3-12x44

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    25-06 Ackley Improved

    N570, only ladder test—60.5 gr 3182fps (very compressed). Mild pressure. Hornady brass cci 200s retumbo pressure found at 58.9 gr 3144fps Best accuracy was 58.6gr 3120 fps (ES 20-30, tried multiple primers, best consistent accuracy was about 1.25moa 5 shot groups) IMR 8133 ladder test only, no...
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    25-06 Ackley Improved

    My next build will probably be 25-06ai currently shooting a 1:7 25-06. 110gr SBDIIs are shooting well at 3220 fps. With the BJs, retumbo, n570, and RL26 was getting me in the mid 3100’s without obvious pressure. They were not accurate enough in my barrel for my needs. They all seemed to...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Bushnell LRHS 3-12x44

    3-12x44 LRHS mil/mil 30mm tube. Excellent condition, with box. Has a few scratches on the turret coin slot, and a few minor scratches on body that are hard to see and not coming through in pictures. I do not see any ring marks. The lens are perfect. This is a catch and release for me—mounted...
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    131 Blackjack vs 135 Berger

    26in 7twist preferred barrel prefit 25creed BJ reamer Tikka action with Peterson LRP brass the necks were way too tight in the chamber; measured and fired were .288”. I called and asked preferred about this and apparently their reamer is a .288” neck. Which is odd to me considering the ones...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .25 cal 131 gr Blackjack bullets

    Dang can’t believe I missed this! I’ll take thirds on a box or two..willing to trade primers or powder (h1000, retumbo, rl26)
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    131 Blackjack vs 135 Berger

    Anybody here shooting 25 creed that could help me out with some questions? My velocities are way slow, pressuring out in the low/mid 2700s with LRP brass and h4350. Have some Peterson brass that I had to neck turn way down and some necked down hornady. Have some SRP brass coming to try as well...
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    Hammer hunters at low impact velocity?

    Can anybody provide some examples of low impact velocity hammer hunter kills? 1800-2000fps or so? I love hammers and have killed some critters at higher velocity impact but am hesitant to push the limits without seeing others results. I just feel more comfortable with lead at 2000 fps because of...
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    H1000 at Powder Valley Today

    Somehow got lucky with 5# of h1000
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    Wyoming Mule Deer Units

    I think you will get what you are looking for in the southern units. Pick one with high percent success. Look at draw odds and consider the special draw if you really want to hunt next year. Keep in mind some of them have changing antler point restrictions from year to year. Call and ask a...