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    New Mexico 2019 - What did you draw?

    Got lucky again this year...Unit 56 rifle for deer and Unit 47 rifle for antelope. Very excited!
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    Public land hunts for Aodad in New Mexico

    It's all the luck of the draw. There are some "tips" on the NM Game and Fish website to increase your chances of drawing a tag but, alas, I've never drawn for either. You can buy an over the counter license/tag for certain units for Barbary Sheep... I think those are deprivation hunts and have...
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    To clean or not to clean?

    Ohhh cleaning. In the past I was all about cleaning guns after every use because that is what my dad taught me to do. Now, it's different. I clean some guns after each use and some guns I haven't cleaned for a year. I think semi-autos need more attention, however, I've seen guys who just put...
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    What is Parallax?

    I just read this and went through the adjustment procedure to re-set the focus and then the parallax for 100 yards. I have to admit that I always just used the parallax nob to get the target into a crisp picture, however, when I did that now and moved my head around there was obvious reticle...
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    How did you find us here at

    I found this forum about 2 years ago in search of accurate factory hunting ammo. Been lurking around ever since and just figured I'd join today. Lots of good info, personal experiences, and wisdom to be had in these forums.
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    Checking in from NM

    Howdy all. Been a long time lurker of these forums and figured I may as well just join in. I've been putting in for the draw here in NM for the last 13 years and only drawn 1 pronghorn antelope tag the whole time. Luckily three years ago I met a rancher who has given me a cow elk tag every...

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