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Hunting, shooting, or wishing I was. Jul 21, 2017

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Mar 1, 2019
    1. WildRose
      I'm not a RUM shooter so without spending a good bit of time digging around for load info I can't really give you an intelligent answer. I've pushed 140's to over 3400fps with ease in the 7STW and the rum has considerably higher case capacity so it might be within the realm of reason that they are especially if they have a long barrel and are shooting slow powders like H1000.
    2. Grumpy1911
      Mr. WildRose

      Do you think it is possible to push a 150 gr. 3789 fps out of a 7RUM?
      I have a buddy trying to tell me that's what his is doing.

    3. dogbuster0006
      Are you raise and train gsp we just got a female I'm not sure all the details yet. We should woek out a hunt around your place and one in ky once I'm back for good.
    4. mclovinmy260
      You up? Give me a buzz on my cell if you are.
    5. RajnCaucasian
      How do I get to where I can start a thread? It never shows a emblem for it or anything, only thing I can do is comment on previous posts.
    6. ishootkittens
      Hey buddy, Been a while! I need some help!
    7. Okiesooner3
      I live about an hour from waco.
    8. robbobsam
      Hiya Wildrose,

      I have been advised to contact you by Liltank, I am a firefighter from England and I do a lot of hunting and shooting this side of the pond, I would like to go to the USA and try my hand at varminting stateside, can you recommend a good outfitter than can get me onto some good sport for a week or so. My target species would be wild boar, woodchucks, prairie dogs, coyotes etc...etc...etc...

      Can you offer me any advice ???

      Thank you for your time, its very much appreciated.

      kind Regards

      Rob Smith
    9. alcesgigas
      I guess I'm dense--I cannot find anything anywhere that says "New Thread." New Post yes, but not New Thread. I had this trouble before and managed to find it, but now if my life depended on it--I'd be deceased. I could screen shot what I'm seeing, but whether it would post or not...
    10. WildRose
      If we could work it out I'd like to do that. Once this drought has broken we should have some decent hog hunting again. Let me discuss it with my wife and we'll see what we can do.
    11. mtbohunter
      Hello Wild Rose,
      I offered to have you up to bear hunt with me in the spring about a month ago and I would like to bring something up with you. I do bear hunt every spring in Montana and like to have a hunting partner when I go because the areas I try to go is full of grizzlys as well as black bears. In Montana it is spot and stalk only, or use of hand calls which can work well in some cases. This makes it a viable true trophy hunt with a rifle {as hunting bears over bait should be done with primitive weapons}. I will stand by my initial offer if we could work a trade for a really good Texas hog hunt with primitive weapons. {Archery and handguns}
      Let me know if you are still interested in a backpack hunt for black bears in trade.
      Be safe,
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