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    Iowa hunters are now allowed to use necked rifle cartridges (with some caliber restrictions)

    This is amazing. I can hunt deer in Iowa from my place in Atlanta using a 50 BMG. Won't even have to leave the kitchen!
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    Bi pods and bags for PRS

    Do a long range course at K&M in TN or similar and you'll figure out what you need to know. Turned this cheap Savage 12FV and it's shooter into someone capable of achieving 60% of hits instead of 30% at a PRS match using factory ammo. That ain't perfect, but it's good enough for me.
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    For Sale Weatherby Vanguard RC Stainless - 300 Weatherby Magnum + 80 Rounds

    Vanguard RC = Range Certified This is the RC "Special" model which means it's stainless. Scope and strap not included. DNZ single piece scope mount is included. It's been fired a whopping total of 17 times (3 rounds left of the Norma ammo pictured). It got MOA after the first 5 rounds at 100...
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    Cooper X Caliber LR 300 RUM

    Fuuuudddge I want this... but get at me in a month.
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    Anyone use a thermal to "find" the deer?

    I have to walk through to get to the blind and stand, otherwise I'm sitting on my *** in the mud all day and likely blowing my smell their way. Layout of the owned land funnels in the middle and I'm not able to walk on the neighboring land due to neighbors who feel a footprint on their land is...
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    BN Trijicon Credo 2.5-14x42

    Credo are made in Japan.
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    Ga Whitetail

    It's amazing that he lifted his head for the photo... ;)
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    Anyone use a thermal to "find" the deer?

    This is more of a "short range" deer hunting question (Eastern forest hunting where 200 yards is a long range shot). I was thinking of getting a Leupold LTO-Tracker or similar. Anyone use one to "scope" a possible bedding area? I seem to be a master at finding bedding areas, but not seeing...
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    Instock Rifle Components etc

    How much is one of them there titanium actions?
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    Custom 300 RUM

    Why selling, how many rounds?
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    Savage 110 Reliable? Weaknesses?

    I have two Savage rifles -- a 308 12FV and a 223 (no idea the model). Both are accurate but both have heavy bolt lift, the least smooth bolt operation out of any rifles I have (Bergara, Steyr, Howa/Vanguard, Montana, etc.). I've never used a "blueprinted" Savage action, though. I use the 308...
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    Steyr pro hunter

    I have one in 30-06 - very accurate, but not without flaws that frankly a rifle this expensive (originally) shouldn't have. The stock is the most comfortable one I own, but it's a noodle at the forend and that sucks (especially for the price). The bolt handle design forces you to mount the...
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    Remington 700 trigger

    For hunting rifles, I've grown to prefer a 2-stage. Realized that after the first time I went hunting with a Howa. The first stage gives me a little extra time to be situated and ready before the bullet actually heads out. I can pull some smooth takeup just a little bit to ensure I'm...
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    $2000 for a LR 300 WM. Best choice

    This decision is easy, to me anyway. If you don't reload or don't want to be beholden to doing so, 300WM -- especially if this is a hunting rifle and/or you are practicing FOR hunting. If you do reload and want to be beholden to reloading, then the 300 PRC comes into play. That opens the door...
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    Bass pro shop has bought out sportmans warehouse !

    Everyone, please write your federal politicans. Don't mention stuff about the guns and ammo and reloading supplies, especially if they're Dems... but hound them about their inability to stop monopolization. It has to end.