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    Reverse engineer .300 Win Mag Berger factory match grade 215 hybrid OTM ammo

    OP, I took some apart over a year ago. Norma cases in the 222.5 -223.9 gr weight range Suspect Federal 215M primer 2.822"-2.825" BTO 3.600" avg COAL Powder was about 78.3 gr and appeared very visually similar to Ramshot Magnum. Curious enough, my Ramshot Magnum load is currently 78.7 gr...
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    What MTM Cartridge Case for 300RUM...?

    Yep. You’ll be fine.
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    What MTM Cartridge Case for 300RUM...?

    How stuck are you on MTM? Berry's 412 ultra will allow you to do what you want. I buy mine here:
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    .300 win mag, 200 ELD-X, H1000

    Yeah if it’s anything like the PH2, it’s a really nice rifle!! what’s the twist rate on your barrel?
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    .300 win mag, 200 ELD-X, H1000

    Lol. Yeah probably. I like reloading, and factory ammo is slow. Nahh. Covering 3 works just fine for me, thanks!!
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    .300 win mag, 200 ELD-X, H1000

    LMAO!!! Most of my hand loads for my rifles you can cover 3 shots with a dime. But yeah, if I ever ran into a rifle that would shoot factory ammo like that, I’d probably buy the store out if it!! I’ve seen 1” groups with factory ammo, but mostly not. Lol!!
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    .300 win mag, 200 ELD-X, H1000

    No sir.
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    .300 win mag, 200 ELD-X, H1000

    Yep. Ran them a while back like that. In my old Rem 700 rifle, load was: 75.3 gr H1000 Winchester case Fed 215M BTO 2.910" .005" Jump AVG 3000 FPS ES 12 SD 5 Shot a few Muley Bucks with that load. Always aimed for the crease and got in behind the shoulder. Complete pass through with caliber...
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    Remington 700 Long Range 300 RUM

    Worked up a load for the 208 ELDM in my 300 RUM. Started with the 208 primarily because it's a little less expensive to shoot, wanted to see if this barrel would shoot without wrapping too much into it, and I had plenty of them. I PM'd a couple guys here for a start. Have about 60 rounds down...
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    Ammo advise, Sendero Win Mag II, 300

    Pretty much anything the gun likes to shoot in the 180 grain range will be fine.
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    300 PRC or 300 RUM

    Between the 2 options given, and intended use, I'd get the 300 RUM. I you think you'll want to go heavier in bullet weight than 210-220, I'd for sure give the Browning Max Long Range a serious look. 1:8 twist 26" barrel. Muzzle brake. Relatively light. Good luck.
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    New Guy from Arizona

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    264 Win Mag. Powders to fill the case?

    I have tried RL33. I have a Remington Sendero SFII in 264 Win Mag. That load looked like this: 74 gr RL33 147 gr Hornady ELDM Winchester case Fed GM215M primer Case length 2.490" Base to shoulder 2.113" Base To Ogive 2.767" .010" Jump COAL 3.365" 3214 FPS Worked up from 70 grains as no data...
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    Remington 700 Long Range 300 RUM

    LOL! Challenge accepted!! Hahaha! I do plan on braking the rifle. I may just shoot it a couple times unbraked, so I can appreciate the work and money to brake it... that, and I don't want to have to turn my man card in and get a 6.5 Creedmor... Funny. I have 5 300 Win Mags, and you have 5...

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